How To Increase / Improve / Extend Samsung Galaxy Pro Battery Life


How To Increase / Improve / Extend Samsung Galaxy Pro Battery Life

The new Samsung Galaxy Pro have been released in the wild and some of us even managed to get their hands on it. The Motorola Charm looking-like device have been sold in many countries of the world, and now the Samsung Galaxy Pro owners started to ask questions about how to increase the device’s battery life. Samsung Galaxy Pro comes with Android 2.2 Froyo and is powered by a 800 MHz single-core processor. So, as it happens with all the new devices, the battery life is a little bit shorter than we expect, and if you want to improve Samsung Galaxy Pro battery life you should take a look at the tips show in this guide. The nowadays devices have shorter battery life as the components technology have evolved faster than the batteries technology.

So, even though the advices that help you improve the battery life look the same for most of the devices, we thought it would be better to write the guides to suit every device. So, here a few tips to improve Samsung Galaxy Pro battery life.

Say No To Live Wallpapers

Wallpapers and brightness level are one of the biggest battery eaters for every device. So, because Samsung Galaxy Pro is coming with Android 2.2 Froyo, it also features the Live Wallpapers option which drains the battery pretty fast. The brightness of the wallpaper is also important for battery life: the lighter the wallpaper the faster will drain battery, because more pixels will be burnt, which eats battery. Another way of improving your Samsung Galaxy Pro battery life is to chose the brightness level manually. Make sure you don’t have your screen brightness level set to high, as it will drain battery faster. Also, the Automatic brightness option drains battery faster, as it does a lot of changes of the screen luminosity. Summing up, get rid of the Live Wallpapers and set your brightness level as low as possible.

Samsung Galaxy Pro Battery Maintenance

The maintenance is very important when it comes to battery life. You can maintain your Samsung Galaxy Pro properly by following some easy steps:

  • Use a dry cloth to clean the battery contacts. Perform this action once every 2-3 months

  • Do not pull out the battery too many times. This loosens up the battery contacts, leading to a poor battery life. Make sure you only pull out your battery when you really have to do this

  • Be careful not to expose your battery to extreme temperatures, like under the direct sunlight or extreme cold. Either way, hot temperature or cold temperatures will instant ruin your battery

  • Recharge your battery only when necessary. In order to improve battery life, it’s best to charge it only when your device prompts you that your battery level is low. Batteries can be charged for a particular number of times, so charging rarely will improve your battery life. Anyway, it’s understandable to charge your battery when you have to go out and the battery level it’s, let’s say 40%, but don’t make a habit of it

  • Use AC charger instead of USB data cable. It’s best to use the factory AC Charger for this action, also being the method the manufacturer recommends. In fact it was proven that charging your battery using the USB cable it damages your battery’s capacity over the long period of time, because of the AC fluctuations of the USB port

Samsung Galaxy Pro Android 2.2 Froyo Power Control Widget

As you probably know, Samsung Galaxy Pro is using Android 2.2 Froyo as OS. So on any of your homescreens you will be able to choose from different windgets. Wi Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync and Screen Brightness are the biggest battery drainers, so it’s recommended to have them turned off every time they are not in use, and that’s what the Power Control windget does for you. You can install the power control windget by long pressing the any of your home screen, then going to “Windgets.” Search for the one that is called “Power Control” by scrolling down, then tap it to select. Now, you will be able to control five of the biggest Samsung Galaxy S battery drainers: Wi Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync and Screen Brightness.

Other tips that help you improve Samsung Galaxy Pro battery life

Besides the Live Wallpapers, battery maintenance and power control windget tips, there are also a few more tricks that you help you save precious battery life on your device:

  • Disable GPS every time you are not using it (you can do this by using the Power Control Windget). The GPS is a big battery drainer, as it searches for the location of your Samsung Galaxy Pro on and on, draining the battery. Also remember to always turn off Bluetooth after you finished using it (also by using Power Control Windget) as it too is a big battery drainer

  • Switch on the 2G network, instead of using 3G. The 3G is available with most of the operators, so it’s best not to use this feature if you want to improve your Samsung Galaxy Pro battery life. Also turn off the automatic network search option as the battery is drained faster by the constant switching between 2G and 3G network and also because the device is constantly searching for 3G network availability

  • Because Samsung Galaxy Pro uses Android 2.2 Froyo, it features the multitasking options. Make sure that you don’t have like 4 or 5 applications opened in the same time, as each one of them drains your battery. We recommend you to use an application killer programmer that clears the RAM. The Advanced Task Killer app works best for our Android devices, and it can be downloaded and installed for free from Android Market. It seems that the in-built task killer does not closes all the applications, leaving contacts or mail apps opened, even though you perform the RAM cleaning operation

  • Do not turn your camera on too often. The camera is also one of the big battery drainers, so turning it on and off to often will shorten your battery life. Wired or not, the camera also eats battery even when in stand-by mode, so turning it off is the best for your Samsung Galaxy Pro battery life

That’s about it! Following the above hints and tips you can see your Samsung Galaxy Pro battery life improving very quick. But we are sure there are also a few more tricks we don’t know, but that’s why we have you. So don’t be shy and let us know if you have some tips we forgot to mention and also let us know which of the tips worked the best for your Samsung Galaxy Pro in the comments area below.

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