How To Connect Your Smartphone To PC


How To Connect Your Smartphone To PC

With today technology being so advance, you encounter problems even in the most easy to handle situations. Like for example when you are trying to connect your smartphone to your PC and the darn thing just doesn’t want to appear on your monitor. There could be several reasons for this to happen, from problems by the device, to some problems inside your PC or even in some cases the connection cable can present issues. But I assure you that in most situations there will be one thing wrong: the phone simply has its settings put wrong.

1st of all you must be sure the physical connection is working. When you are connecting the phone, be sure that a USB icon is present. This should appear on that row of icons that are located on the top of the screen. If everything is ok you can skip the next three steps.

  • If the icon doesn’t appear on the screen be sure that the USB cable is properly inserted on both ends. A nice way to do this is by just plugging and replugging the device on both heads. If the problem still persists try another USB port or even another computer.

  • If on another computer the phone appears than probably there is something wrong with your USB. But if the problem still persists then the cable might be the issue here. Take another cable and see if things change.

  • And in the worst case scenario if with multiple cables the problem is still present then the phone is the issue. Go to the local dealer where you bought the phone and they should fix the problem somehow.

In the situation that the icon does appear then probably you just have the wrong settings made in your phone. Simply pull down the top bar of your phone and select USB connection. There will different ways in which to connect or make the phone visible. Any should do. For those time where the phone doesn’t make a Windows Media Sync connection there is always the USB Mass Storage way of doing things.

This being said I wish you hope data transfer and hope I hear from you.

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