How To Downgrade iOS 4.3.3 To iOS 4.3.2, iOS 4.3.1, iOS 4.3 Or iOS 4.2.1 On Your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch


How To Downgrade iOS 4.3.3 To iOS 4.3.2, iOS 4.3.1, iOS 4.3 Or iOS 4.2.1 On Your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

Yesterday, we told you that Apple released the new iOS 4.3.3 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The new firmware version of iOS, comes with some fixed bugs and new features. It seems that the location tracking bug have been fixed in the new iOS 4.3.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. They managed to fix this bug by reducing the location database size, and now it seems that once you upgrade your Apple device to iOS 4.3.3 you will even be able to turn off location tracking.

If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then, we are sure that you want to get your hands on the new firmware update coming from Apple. But if¬†jailbreak is your middle name, then learn that the¬†untethered jailbreak version for¬†iOS 4.3.3 haven’t hit the web yet. But we are sure that the guys at iPhone Dev Team will put their heads to work right away and update their famous Redsn0w and Pwnage Tool in order to help the Apple users to perform a untethered jailbreak to their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

But some iPhone users have updated their devices to iOS 4.3.3 and now they will be unable to perform an untethered jailbreak to their devices. By following the steps shown in the tutorial bellow you will now be able to downgrade your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from iOS 4.3.3 to iOS 4.3.2 , iOS 4.3.1, iOS 4.3 or iOS 4.2.1.

But before¬†proceeding¬†to downgrade from iOS 4.3.3 to iOS 4.3.2 , iOS 4.3.1, iOS 4.3 or iOS 4.2.1, learn that the firmware install process eats a lot of battery, make sure that your device’s battery level is at least 50%, so limiting the possibility of any unwanted events to occur during the installation process.

Now you will have to download the firmware version you want to downgrade iOS 4.3.3 to. Download the IPSW files for iOS 4.3.2 / iOS 4.3.1 / iOS 4.3 / iOS 4.2.1.

Next you will have to edit the host file located on your computer by using the following method:

  • Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP: Open Notepad.exe, then open the host file located in “C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts” and at the end of the file type “” (without the quotation marks)

  • Mac OS X: In to Go menu, select “Go to Folder” then type “/etc/” (without the quotation marks). Next use “hosts” file via TextEdit. At the end of the “hosts” file type¬†””

After you prepared your computer to downgrade iOS 4.3.3 to the firmware version you chose, and after you downloaded the required IPSW files let’s see the steps you need to follow in order to complete the process:

  1. Connect your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch to the computer using the data cable you received with the device, then turn off the handset

  2. Get your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch in DFU Mode. In order to do that press and hold “Power” and “Home” buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds. Release the “Power” button, keeping the “Home” button pressed until your computer beeps (this audio signal tells you that your¬†iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch was recognized as a USB device)

  3. Launch iTunes (if don’t have it, download and install it from here), then from the left panel in the iTunes window, select your device from the list and while pressing “Shift” (or “Left Option in Mac OS X) and click Restore

  4. When iTunes asks you to provide the IPSW file, navigate and select the file you downloaded

  5. Wait! Your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch will be restored to the firmware version you chose

After the process finishes your¬†iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch will reboot, then you will be able to see that your device have been downgraded from iOS 4.3.3 to¬†iOS 4.3.2 , iOS 4.3.1, iOS 4.3 or iOS 4.2.1. Don’t panic if it takes a little bit longer for the homescreen to appear. It only happens when your device reboots for the first time after the downgrade from iOS 4.3.3 process.

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