How To Enable Do Not Track In Internet Explorer 9


How To Enable Do Not Track In Internet Explorer 9

Windows Internet Explorer 9 is the latest release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser. The browser was available for download on March 14, and was specially created to support CSS 3 properties, new JavaScript performance, and embedded ICC v2 / v4 color profiles.

IE 9 features HTML5 video support, high graphics using Direct2D, Web Open Font Format, and audio tags. The company has released it totally separate from any version of Windows, nothing similar with what happened in the past years, when Microsoft was launching their browsers alongside Windows releases.

The new browser offered by Microsoft, can run on Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows XP, Windows Vista SP 2, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows 7. A curious thing is that IE9 is the final version that will run on Vista, because the future IE10 will be available only on Windows 7 and 8.

Now, let’s continue our story. The most recent launched browsers have the DNT ( Do Not Track ) technology which give us the possibility to use third-party web tracking, such as info for behavioral advertising. At this moment, users can only use trackers such as web analytics services and advertising networks by allocating an opt-out cookie, which cannot be deleted or the tracking will start again.

This ‘do no not track’ request goes to the HTTP header ( from the web server ), which includes the third-party content to let it know that the users doesn’t want to track the privacy settings, and also ‘announce’ the site not to plan any trackers, which normal tracks cookies.

You have to keep in mind that end-users have to set or enable Do Not Track just once to stop web tracking. The great news is that the app does not have a list or registry to update. Check out below hot to turn on Do Not Track in IE9:

  1. In your IE9 browser press Alt-X.

  2. In the pull down menu go to Safety.

  3. Now select Tracking Protection in the sub-menu. This will take you to the Manage Add-ons box.

  4. Go to Your Personalized List.

  5. Hit the Enable button on the Manage Add-ons box to turn on Do Not Track feature.

Please remember that after you enable this feature, Internet Explorer 9 will automatically create a list of blocked third-party operators in the Personalized Tracking Protection List. If a third party is providing content to more than one website, it will be added to the block list.

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