How To Make / Create A Bootable Mac OS X CD / Utility Disk


How To Make / Create A Bootable Mac OS X CD / Utility Disk

As you probably know (or not) Apple is an American company that develops software for their machines. Apple is famous for manufacturing parts for Macintosh and for their latest releases releases in the world of handset devices like iPhone 4, iPad or iPod Touch. But if you own an Apple desktop or laptop you will need a bootable CD in order to install Mac OS X operating system on your device.

A lot of our readers have asked us how to create such CDs, so here, at, you will find lots of useful tutorials of how to do stuff and tweak your operating systems whether you are a Windows or Mac user.

Whenever you do not want to rely on the OS to help you launch and run the apps create a bootable disk which is going to run software directly from the device. You can easily configure a drive to be bootable as Mac OS X incorporates an apps called Disk Utility, the most used form of boot disks are the OS install disks.

Before you start creating a boot disk with the OS installation determine what kind of system you are intended to boot whether that is a Windows PC, Intel based Mac or a PowerPC based Mac because the boot configuration is slightly different for each of them.

Check bellow how you can create your bootable disk.
  1. Connect your USB drive to the Apple computer’s USB port.

  2. Press ” Finder ” in the doc, then select  Go > Utilities from the bar menu, after that click Disk Utility.

  3. Select the USB drive and open your Partition tab.

  4. Have the Volume Scheme set to 1 Partition and enter a name for the drive.

  5. Click Options and click on GUID Partition Table if you want to boot Intel based Mac, for PowerPC-based Macs select Apple Boot Record or Master Boot Record if you want to boot Windows based computers.

In the end click OK and Apply. Disk Utility shall format the drive and make it bootable. The whole process will take no more than few minutes and as soon as finished you can copy the desired software to the drive.

These information is coming very handy when it comes to making a bootable CD for Mac OS X.

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