How To Update / Upgrade HTC Thunderbolt 4G To Firmware 1.13.605.7


How To Update / Upgrade HTC Thunderbolt 4G To Firmware 1.13.605.7

If you use HTC Thunderbolt, you may know that you can update your device software very easy. This update will fix some bugs and it is only for Verizon Wireless network devices. If you want to learn how to update your HTC Thunderbolt 4G to firmware 1.13.605.7, read the follwong article and then you will be able to use your device without any issues. Don’t forget, if you have a rooted phone, after this update, you must to root again your HTC Thunderbolt 4G device.

Before start the update, you must to know the firmware update features:
  • an improved speed of GPS updates and Google Maps;

  • the Backup Assistant is more stable;

  • the SMS and the MMS messages, the inbox and the sent messages issues is now fixed;

  • the update issues about the phone activation is now solved.

Before start the Update process, you must to solve some things, to be able to successfully complete the process:
  • your computer must to have a minimum¬†requires: 256 RAM and 250 MB¬†available¬†space, USB 1.1 version in your computer;

  • your battery must to have minimum 50%;

  • you must to make a backup, to save all your personal data, like: contacts, messages, pictures, videos, music,call log etc;

Here are the steps for How To Update / Upgrade HTC Thunderbolt 4G To Firmware 1.13.605.7:
  1. First, yow will be receive a notification when the update is available. You must to simply press the OK button.

  2. Next, you must to wait until the software update download process is complete.

  3. Now, you must to press again the OK button.

  4. Finally, your HTC device will install the software update and then your phone will restart.

If you don’t receive the update screen automatically, you can also manually update your Thunderbolt 4G using the following steps:

Home > Menu > Settings > Software Update > Check New > Press Restart & install.

Also, if you are in other country, you will be not able to receive the firmware update. But you can manually search the firmware update. You simply must to activate your Wireless connection using the following steps:

Settings > Wireless & networks > Press WiFi to activate Wireless connection.

And now check the firmware update availability. Don’t forget, if your HTC device fail to update the firmware, Turn OFF your device, remove your battery, re-insert it and the start your device and try again.

Now, you HTC Thunderbolt 4G is¬†correctly¬†update to¬†1.13.605.7 software firmware. Don’t forget this firmware update to¬†1.13.605.7 is only for Verizon networks.¬†For any questions and suggestions don’t hesitate and share them to us in the comments area below.

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