How To Send Private Messages To A Facebook Friend


How To Send Private Messages To A Facebook Friend

Ohh my God, Facebook is on a constant change literally since day one, just when we started to get a bit familiar with its continuous changeable user interface they are releasing a lot of weired and almost impractical small functionalities. But not all of them are so impractical, especially one is very useful, and that is Private Messages.

So whenever you feel like messaging privately with someone use this feature which is the equivalent of sending someone’s an email. There are a lot of Facebook beginners that post private messages on a friend’s wall without realizing that every one being friend with that specific friend can see that message as well.

Previously the process of sending someone a private message use to be like this, went to your friend’s profile page and clicked the New Message, and then typed your message into a similar to email box. If this message was intended to go to other friends as well just had to add their names to the To: filed.

At least in the way you had to access this functionality that option is now dead & gone, and now Facebook deals with private messages like Chats, the newest chat messages showing at the bottom of the thread, unfortunately there is no way to include multiple friends in your conversation.

If you were wondering how you can send a private message to one or people you have to use a option that always was there, so click on the messages link which is located in the left-hand toolbar, next click on the + New Message button and you are ready to send private messages. Type the name of your friend and you message and everything is set for rolling.

This is the most logical method or maybe you have done this from the beginning, anyway this is not the way a lot of people have done it before.

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