How To Update / Upgrade Your ViewSonic ViewPad To Android 2.2 Froyo


How To Update / Upgrade Your ViewSonic ViewPad To Android 2.2 Froyo

In the past month all over the world Viewpad 10 tablet users sent massive requests to the company about that Froyo 2.2 update, well today there is a reason for those ViewPad 10 tablet users to finally cheer, the company finally decided to release a awaited update and to tell the truth this update brings many new features too.

The bad part is that you can’t do update over the air you will need to get connected to the PC and do a manually update to your phone, do not worry we will be there guiding you all the way.

This Viewpad is much nicer than before, because the Viewsonic 10 will be able to boot from the Android Froyo operating system and the surprise is coming with the fact that the Viewpad comes with the latest Windows 7 operating system. So the hardware is so great that the upcoming version of Windows 8 will be able to be installed, and do not forget the HOT version of the Gingerbread for the View sonic 10.

The update brings some new improvements that I’m sure all the Android fans by now are familiar such as the mobile hot spot functionality and not to forget the Flash 10.1 support and by the way there is also a latest version of Adobe Flash 10.2 ready for you. You need to update to the latest firmware 2.1.

The Hardware: 1.66 GHz of Intel Pine trail processor and a  2GB of RAM a 32 GB of SSD.

There is another model that has 16 GB of SSD and not to worry you can easily update this one too with the same update. The tablet has a 1.3 MP camera and the 10.1 inches of display, the bad news comes from the battery life but wen you update then the battery will be optimized and the speed of the View sonic will be too optimized.

Let’s start on how you will update with the latest version of Froyo 2.2 version. First things first you will need to create a USB boot drive after with you’ll proceed updating the device and we strongly suggest that you pay a lot of attention to the steps bellow.

Create the USB Boot Drive
  1. On the first faze there you’ll need to ensure that on the hard drive of the PC there’s at least 1GB minimum free of memory, the USB drive will be created from nothing but from a ISO file.

  2. It’s important to know that you will need to start downloading the update for View sonic 10 and also the Android 2.2 ISO file from below.

Start To Create USB Boot Drive
  1. In order to start please download the UNETBOOTIN.

  2. After the UNETBOOTIN download you will need to download the ISO file of Android Froyo 2.2 update.

  3. Now insert the thumb drive to that open USB port.

  4. Start running the UNETBOOTIN and after you’ll need to select the Disk image plus the ISO file that you’ve finished downloading.

  5. Click on the browser and just select the ISO file that has finished being downloaded and if the USB drive is detected then you will be able to see that the drive letter is automatically entered automatically.

  6. In the case of the letter being incorrect then you will need to click the down sided arrow and then correct the drive letter.

Start To Update Froyo 2.2 in the ViewPad 10
  1. For start make sure to connect the AC adapter in order to not lose power, after with insert the USB drive and the USB keyboard to the ViewPad.

  2. After you did all the above just turn on the ViewPad 10 and press the F11 key when the splash screen appears.

  3. Select the USB drive that will be on the next screen and after that please just press the “Enter” button.

  4. In the Android screen there you’ll have to select the installation screen and after select the last item for installing the same to the hard drive.

  5. The next move will be to select the SDA1 Linux option after with select the format as EXT 3.

  6. By now you’ll be asked to select “Yes” then start to reboot the Viewpad after the installation is done.

You did it. Well done the update was successful and now you got the latest froyo 2.2 on your ViewPad 10, let us know that if there ware any issues whit the update ore any unlikely event. In case of any crash in the update process then you will need to star over again and make a smoother firmware update.

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