How To Unlock Windows 8 Using NoPill And BluePill Unlocker / Activator Program


How To Unlock Windows 8 Using NoPill And BluePill Unlocker / Activator Program

Every day that goes by we see more and more new info about the Windows 8 OS and its build versions. The Windows 8 is the ‘work-in-progress’ name that Microsoft uses for the the next OS installment to be finally to be released sometime next year, hopefully.

There are some builds and release versions that already have been leaked on the internet and users worldwide can get a sneak peek at the upcoming Windows 8 OS. But in order to activate this, you will have to use the NoPill and BluePill tools, that are automatic programs that will help you activate and unlock the Windows 8 functions that are included in the Windows 8 M2 Pre-M3 Build 7955. These two applications, BluePill and NoPill Windows 8 activators, will do all the work for you and it is being said that these are the best ones if you wish to test the pre-builds of the Windows 8 OS.

Unlocking the Windows 8 can be done with NoPill and BluePill and in order to successfully do it, you need to follow all the instructions listed in this post and after that all features and applications such as Windows Media Center, Aero Peek, Microsoft Security Essentials and the Genuine Center will be fully enabled and working. Also, by unlocking the Windows 8 with the BluePill and NoPill application you won’t make the PC work slower nor forcing it to develop errors and bugs, which means that it won’t get damaged and you will be able to test Windows 8 to its maximum capacity.

Here’s how to do it with the BluePill activator program;

  1. Download the BluePill application from here for the 7955 build or from here for the 7959 build.

  2. In case you wish to use the BluePill unlocker, you should activate the Windows 8 using the Windows 7 RC or Windows 7 Beta serial keys. This need to be done before the Windows 8 unlocking process.

  • Also, if you wish to install the MSE, you will need to do it after Windows 8 has been activated, but before the unlock.

The other application that you have to use, is the NoPill Windows 8 unlocker / activator, and it can be downloaded from here. Run it, check all option boxes in NoPill and when you’re done, just hit the next button until you reach the final screen, where you have to click on Close and you’re done, the Windows 8 will have been successfully activated.

I hope that the instructions in this guide were helpful and that you have managed to activate and unlock your Windows 8 M2 ( pre-M3) build 7955 / 7959. For any questions related to the activation process of Windows 8, please use the comments box, located below.

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