How To Unlock HTC Incredible


How To Unlock HTC Incredible

HTC Incredible is the HTC Droid Eris successor, and also you may know that the smartphone comes with Android 2.1 Eclair firmware. The HTC Incredible comes with 1GHz CPU, with 512 MB DDR and with a storage of 1 GB. The phone has a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, optical joystick, ambient light sensors and proximity sensors. The HTC Incredible camera is amazing, 8MB with auto focus and dual led flashed that recording HD videos. If you want to learn how to unlock your HTC Incredible easily, read the following article.

Things to know before start the unlock process of your HTC Incredible:

  • you can find your device IMEI, typing *#06# in the calling section;

  • you will be able to use your phone in any GSM network;

  • you can update anytime your device to Android 2.2 Froyo or newest, because you will don’t lose the device unlock.

Here are the steps and the instructions for How To Unlock HTC Incredible:

  1. You must to go here, to get a HTC Incredible unlock code.

  2. Now, you must to choose your device from the device section. You must to select Incredible.

  3. Then, you also must to choose your network that you want to unlock.

  4. Next, you must to type your HTC Incredible IMEI and then you must to press the Look for Code! button.

  5. In your email you will receive an unlock code and the unlock instructions.

  6. You simply follow the instructions and enter the unlock code, and then you will be able to use your HTC device in any GSM network.

It is a very easy way to unlock your HTC incredible device and it is 100% fully working. Try to unlock your device and if you have problems don’t forget to share them to us in the comments area below.

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