How To Unlock Your LG Optimus 2X


How To Unlock Your LG Optimus 2X

The guys from LG has released their new LG Optimus 2X. The smartphone with dual-core processor that runs Android 2.2 Froyo firmware. You will be able to update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread soon. You may know that LG Optimus 2X is the first smartphone with dual-core processor in the world. The little disadvantage of LG Optimus 2x is the memory storage, only 8 GB, but you can extend up to 32 GB, thanks to the microSD card slot. If you want to know how to use your Optimus 2X in any carrier network, read the following article.

Things to know before start the LG Optimus 2X unlock:
  • you will be able to update anytime your phone to the newest firmware, because you will not lose the unlock;

  • this unlock is for any carrier network and it is 100% fully working;

  • to find your device IMEI, type in the call section the following code: *#06#

Here are the steps for How To Unlock LG Optimus 2X:
  1. You must to enter here, to get an unlock code for your Optimus 2X.

  2. Next, you must to choose your device in the first box. In this case you must choose Optimus 2X.

  3. Now, you must to select your carrier network.

  4. Finally, you must to enter your device IMEI and then you must to click on the Look for Code! button.

  5. Now, you must to verify your email, because you will receive the unlock code and the unlock instructions.

  6. And now, you must type the unlock code.

And that’s all. Your Optimus 2X smartphone is fully unlocked. You will be able to use it in any GSM network. If you have questions, don’t forget, share them in the comments area below.

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