How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy Ace


How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy Ace

As you probably know,Galaxy Ace is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy Ace runs on Android, Google’s operating system we all love. The device is powered by a 800MHz Qualcomm processor, and comes with a nice 3.5-inches TFT capacitive touch-screen. Here, at, we showed you how to update your¬†Samsung Galaxy Ace GT to Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread, and get the latest features and fixed bugs available with the latest firmware update.

But some of our readers asked us how to unlock their¬†Samsung Galaxy Ace devices, and we searched for a solution to respond to their request. Note that your carrier will not be very happy about you unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Ace, so your device warranty might void. The following tutorial contains the instructions on how to unlock¬†Samsung Galaxy Ace using the services of a specialized website, in order to free the device’s network. If you want to unlock your¬†Samsung Galaxy Ace, first you must check to see if you are on one of the following carriers: Telus, Rogers, Fido, Vodafone UK, Tmobile, O2, Orange and all the network carriers in UK.

Note that before proceeding to unlock your¬†Samsung Galaxy Ace, you must be sure that you have never tried a faulty unlock code on your device before,¬†because¬†this unlock method will not work anymore. Also remember that using the following method to unlock¬†Samsung Galaxy Ace, you will be able to freely change your GSM Carrier, and get rid of the annoying “Enter network PIN,” “Enter network code” or “No SIM card allowed” error messages. Also know that the unlock code that you will receive is not free, and that you will have to pay for it.

Now, let’s see what do you have to do in order to unlock¬†Samsung Galaxy Ace:

  1. Go to the website that will provide you the unlock code for Samsung Galaxy Ace, here

  2. Once there, you will have to choose your Samsung device model, by selecting it from a list, then select the network carrier from a list, too

  3. On your¬†Samsung Galaxy Ace dial pad, type “*#06#” and a pop-up window showing your IMEI code will appear on the screen of your device

  4. Type the IMEI of your¬†Samsung Galaxy Ace in the field next to “IMEI” field

  5. Next, you will have to provide your email and some contact informations in order to receive an email with the instructions on how to unlock Samsung Galaxy Ace

  6. At the next step, you will have to check if the email and the informations you provided are correct, the you¬†will be transferred to Paypal’s secure payment gateway

  7. The website will send you an email with the 15 digit unlock code as well a guide to unlock Samsung Galaxy Ace, after they receive your order and payment

After you receive the email containing the 15 digit unlock code for Samsung Galaxy Ace, here’s what you have to do in order to complete the unlock process:

  1. Insert a SIM from an unaccepted carrier network in your Samsung Galaxy Ace then power on your device

  2. The device will ask you to provide the “network PIN” or “network code”

  3. Type the code you received via email, then a message saying “Network Lock Deactivated” or “Code accepted” should appear on the display of your¬†Samsung Galaxy Ace

Even though this method to unlock Samsung Galaxy Ace is not free, it’s pretty simple to perform and easy to understand even for the new-comers in the smartphones world.

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