How To Change Multiple Posts Categories In WordPress Dashboard


How To Change Multiple Posts Categories In WordPress Dashboard

Here at our “headquarters” we just love the WordPress platform and how it managed to catch around. For those of you who are new to the thing we can tell you WordPress is a blog software platform with many easy to use features.

Let’s take one example so you can understand better what I am talking about. Like for example, you have the option to bulk edit on the characteristics of multiple blog posts. If you want to change the category of multiple posts without the need to go browse manually trough each of them you will have this bulk editing feature at your disposal. Here are the few steps that you need to do to accomplish to enable multiple editing posts:

  1. We are assuming that you already have WordPress installed. Enter and log in with your username and password.

  2. Notice that on the left side there is the “Posts” button that is located in your “Dashboard” page.

  3. Now simply place a check in the next to each post that you desire to change things in.

  4. Click the “Bulk Actions” drop-down box that is located at the top of the page. From there select “Edit” and then click the “Apply” option.

  5. Now simply check off the category boxes you need to change. Just type some post tags in the  “Post Tags” section and click the “Author,” “Status,”” “Comments,”” “Pings” and “Sticky” from the drop-down boxes to be able to edit those features. In fact all the selection posts will be changed.

And that’s all. As you probably noticed this things is very simple to do as all WordPress related things. That is why we love this platform and will continue to work with it here at SoftSailor. And almost forgot always remember to have unique quality content when starting a blog on WordPress. Google loves it!

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