How To Unlock Blackberry 9900 Bold Touch


How To Unlock Blackberry 9900 Bold Touch

This article is going to help you learn how you can unlock your Blackberry 9900 Bold Touch, making your cell phone available in any GSM network. Easily and swiftly you can unlock your Blackberry 9900 Bold Touch alias Dakota, now lets see how you can free the network of your smartphone quickly and easy.

In the first place be advised that if you previously have entered a wrong code to unlock your device make sure that you are left with enough attempts because Blackberry usually has around 10 tries. The greatest news is that once you have unlocked your Blackberry 9900 Bold Touch it stays forever unlocked, you can even upgrade the phone’s operating system or the firmware and still remains unlocked.

Once the Blackberry 9900 Bold Touch is unlocked change it to any GSM network or Carrier and use it for as much as you like. To unlock it all you have to do is enter an unlock code, grab your unlock code here.

You will receive an unlock code email so forget about entering network pin, or your network code. Also they have been eliminating the ” No simcard ” message with the help of the unlock code email.

Fill in the order form and instantly you will receive an email with the required info. You will receive your detailed unlocking instructions and the unlock code for Blackberry 9900. To unlock your Blackberry smartphone, it is necessary to find your IMEI number, find it by pressing *#06# on your cell phone, the IMEI number always is 15 up to 17 digits long.

After receiving the Unlock Code from us via email, follow the listed instructions and free your Blackberry mobile device so you can use it in any GSM network, bellow you will find the instructions:

1. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Options

  • Device Settings

  • Advanced System Settings

  • Simcard

2. Write in mepd with your keyboard.

3. Write in mep2 another screen pop up for the code.

4. Place the code, keep in mind that you only have 10 chances to do it correctly.

5. Click on to the enter key.

Here there is another way to unlock your Blackberry device.

  • Power On your Blackberry mobile device.

  • Navigate to Settings.

  • Options

  • Navigate to Advanced Options

  • Sim Card

  • Hold ALT and then press mepd, soon after the screen changes press mep2 – Please be advised that will be unable to see what you write on your Blackberry screen.

  • At this point it will ask you for the unlock code, place the code there and press trackball for confirmation.

  • Now your mobile device is unlocked.

Now you can unlock your Blackberry to any GSM network .

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