How To Make Your Video/Photo Tags Private On Facebook


How To Make Your Video/Photo Tags Private On Facebook

Let’s see what we can do to make tags on Facebook invisible to others. As you already know, each time a friend from the social network tags you in a photo or video this will appear on your profile. And this can become at some point frustrating because of various reasons. Although you can easily delete the tags later, imagine the frustration it can create searching every day for your tags and removing them manually. But there is also the possibility to make them invisible and no one else can see them with just a few settings. This will make your tags, let’s just say private.

Here are the instructions to do so:

  1. Simply click on the “Account” link which is located in the top-right corner of any Facebook page regardless of the browser you are using. From there select the “Privacy Settings” option.

  2. Now click on the blue “Customize Settings” link.

  3. You will need to scroll down and go to the “Things Others Share” section of the page. From there select “Edit Settings”. This is located right near the “Photos and videos you’re tagged in.”

  4. Notice that there is a gray icon that says “Who can see photos and videos I’m tagged in”. Click on it to make the drop-down menu visible. Now simply select “Customize”

  5. Notice there is the option “Only me”. Select it and after chose to save the options by pressing “Save Setting.”

And that’s all to it. Now your tags will be private and unwanted persons won’t be able to see “you name” in the wrong pictures. No need to hide from your girlfriend if you did some nasty pictures in a club and someone tagged you… Or who knows maybe even your boss is watching and you wouldn’t like to see you in an embarrassing situation…

The situations vary and can be numerous so this is why i find this tutorial to be very helpful.

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