How To Access .WBMP Files In Microsoft Windows


How To Access .WBMP Files In Microsoft Windows

Often it will happen to download some files that you won’t have any idea with which program to open. And it’s not only this but there will be some times that even the extension will be a little “SciFi” to you. In most of the cases a dialog box will appear in which you will be able to select the web service with which to find the appropriate software for opening or viewing the file.

This time we will speak about the WBMP file. You probably are wondering how will we open this file. 1st of all let me tell you about this extension. This is a file that uses an image format called  Wireless Application Protocol Bitmap Format. With other words this is an optimized image used for mobile devices.

This file cannot be opened with other program you would normally open these type of files. Things like image software and image tools won’t work this time. You will need to have a special tool and you will need to download an application named XnView. After downloading the software you will be able to easy download and see the files.

Just download the software from here to be sure you won’t encounter further problems. And in fact if you do encounter some problems be sure to let us know in a comment or even a private message to the authors of the site.

And don’t worry if the next time you don’t manage to know what a file extension is: just Google it and also search for it on out site because you would be surprised to see how many things we can cover. Also you would also be surprised how many people encountered the same problem as you and needed a solution.

It’s a big world with lot of file extensions, that’s whatIi always say!

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