How to turn off LTE on HTC Thunderbolt


How to turn off LTE on HTC Thunderbolt

Sometimes HTC forgets to implement minor tweaks into its “really nice” user interface, and the HTC Thunderbolt is a perfect example to demonstrate this. While any other users have access to enabling / disabling simple features like the LTE radio, on the Thunderbolt the darn thing can’t be turned off. The only way to toggle this was to open the back cover and remove the 4G SIM card. If Bear Grills had this phone and he was hanging from a cliff, with only hand to spare, the phone would be sucking battery juice like crazy.

Why you need this, as a regular user? Well, not all cities support LTE networks and even when they do, you don’t need it for a regular call, just on heavier jobs ( like internet usage, video calling etc. ). With the LTE radio enabled, the HTC Thunderbolt consumes the battery faster than normally. Some tests say that by turning it off, you will gain an extra 8 hours on a regular use. Now, that’s quite a difference.

Although by doing this tweak you can play Angry Birds longer, life is not that pink ( like on the HTC EVO 4G or EPIC, where everything is at a push of a button ). The method used is not that simple and it requires some steps to be fulfilled. Also, some carriers may not recommend it so if you are afraid of the big red, stay put. Without further ado:

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How to turn off LTE for the HTC Thunderbolt
  1. Using the dialer, enter this code: *#*#4636#*#*

  2. Choose “phone information” and then scroll down to “set preferred network type”.

  3. Now select “CDMA Auto” / “CDMA Only” / “EvDo Only”.

To reactivate the LTE radio, simply redo the first two steps and select “LTE Mode”. Redo the steps again and select “CDMA+LTE/EvDo auto”.

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