How To Remove Bullets In Microsoft PowerPoint


How To Remove Bullets In Microsoft PowerPoint

This one will be easy. I will teach you how to remove bullets from Microsoft PowerPoint.

You have notice probably that the 1st slide for Microsoft PowerPoint has just two texts boxes showing. With the addition of slides you will notice a bit of dotted trail. With this small bullets begin to fill up the slide and at some point they will intend to break the presenters’ speeches. When you open a PowerPoint template or just edit one here is the way to remove the bullets in just a few easy to follow steps:

  1. Open PowerPoint. From there click on the “File” tab and select the “Open” option. Then simple browse the file that has the bullets that need to be removed. Now simply double-click the presentation filename.

  2. Press the “Page Down” key on the keyboard to be sure you get the 1st slide with bullets that need to be removed.

  3. Simply click the text box the bullets are in. Now press the “Delete” key and note how things are removed (the text and the bullets)

  4. Now simply scroll to another bulleted slide. Now simply highlight the bulleted text. You will probably notice that the bullets themselves are not highlighted. A nice thing is that PowerPoint knows your actions and will make them immediately.

  5. Now right click on the highlighted area. From there select “Bullets” and then select the “None” option that you will find on the fly-out menu. Notice that the bullets will be removed and the text will be kept.

  6. Click on the cursor that is located to the right of the bullet that needs to be removed. Press the “Backspace” key on the keyboard. The bullet will be then removed. Now this will be considered an individual process in comparison to something that may be performed in a bulk list of bullets.

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