How To Remove YouTube Annotations


How To Remove YouTube Annotations

Anybody use YouTube website to see videos and music videos.  The YouTube video annotations allow the video or music video publishers to add commentary or additional information, or even links to other videos and other links. Also, you may know that the annotations appear on a video at the specified time and place, by the video uploader. If you want to know how to remove the YouTube annotations, read the follwoing article and then you will be able to disable them from your YouTube account(playback settings) easily.

Here are the steps for How To Remove YouTube Annotations:
  1. First, you must to open your Web browser(Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera or Internet Explorer) and then you must to enter on the YouTube page.

  2. Now, you must to sign in to your YouTube account.

  3. Press, the Sign In button from the top right of the YouTube page.

  4. Next, you must to enter your username and your password.

  5. After, you have sign in to your YouTube account, you must to press on your username, from top right corner, and then you must to select the Account button.

  6. Now, you must to select the Playback Setup button.

  7. Next, you must to click the check box next to Show Annotations under the Annotations tab.

  8. Finally, you must to press the Save Changes button and now the video annotations was successfully removed.

Now, your videos or your music videos annotations was successfully deleted. Don’t forget, for any questions and suggestions don’t hesitate and share them to us in the comments area below.

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