How To Enable Speed Dial In Mozilla Firefox 4


How To Enable Speed Dial In Mozilla Firefox 4

Unlike Opera or Google Chrome, Firefox doesn’t have the Speed Dial function, while it has Sync and even menu button or tabs on top, it lacks this very useful feature, which is the visual implementation of your most frequently visited web pages or your most recently visited web pages that are displayed in the new tab page.

There are some add-ons which are ready to fill in that gap but when it comes to implementing these add-ons things get uneven. One of the best Speed Dial add-on is the Speed Dial which comes with the most comprehensive range of customizations from all Firefox Speed Dial add-ons. Users have the option to control to open in new windows or in new tabs, add new dial groups, even set the dial numbers, then link to hot key combinations for fast launching. Allows you to customize the look of each dial’s thumbnail. It will slightly slow down the behavior of the Firefox browser.

Auto Dial 9 is going to do exactly the opposite, looking exactly on the currently visited Web Sites and the most frequently visited ones offering some secondary customizations, also there are some tweaks which are available in about: config after the add-on has been installed. But as you can see there are not so many impressive customizations, when you hover your mouse over a link that was previously arranged in a kinda chaotic text cluster with less consistent support for favicon support, there is a red X that will appear in the corner, click it to remove it. This implementation is kinda chaotic and far from becoming very useful.

Another useful Mozilla Firefox 4 add-on capable of enabling Speed Dial is Fast Dial 3.4, which acts like Speed Dial but with less customization options. It gives you the possibility to add a website on your speed dial list using right-click directly from the desired web page so right-click on a website and then pick Fast Dial. It is recommended to add the toolbar button first as it allows accessing the dial page with less hassle than without it. This add-on allows you to set a custom URL and favicon, expand the grid and some other  tweaks that some of you might like. A plus that Fast Dial has it over Speed Dial regards the fact that it does not contain any of the annoying performance hang-ups that Speed Dial is experiencing.

One of the best speed dial addons is called Sugestron Speed Dial 0.9.12 and it can access your browser’s history in order to manage your speed dials by the most visited as well as the recently accessed websites. It is limited to eight dials, but compensates in accuracy being able to pick up on visits to inside browser tools such as the add-ons manager. This add-on is the patch to walk on if you are looking for the basic dial feature while the Speed Dial function offers a more comprehensive option that most of the Mozilla Firefox users choose to work with.

Fast Dial is a lightweight alternative to the Speed Dial add-on. You have the option to choose for your favorite Mozilla dialer, leave us a comment with your dialer of choice.

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