How To Uninstall / Remove Antivirus Center Virus ( Removal Guide )


How To Uninstall / Remove Antivirus Center Virus ( Removal Guide )

Antivirus Center is a virus, despite that its interface tells you that Antivirus Center is an anti-malware program and that your system contains infections that only with its software tools you will be able to get rid of them. This virus is very similar with another virus, Internet Protection, and the tactics it uses to infect computers, are the same and you should’ve ignored all the alerts that Antivirus Center displayed on your computer.

Antivirus Center uses trojan infections that are telling you that the Adobe Flash software you have installed on your system needs an update. Clicking that alert will ensure the installation of the Adobe Flash and after that the trojan will enable the Antivirus Center virus. This happens after a while and you will notice pop-ups containing info about a fake scan conducted by the virus software and that in order to remove them, you will need to download Antivirus Center software tools. Such alerts appear to be legit, but clicking them will trigger the download and installation of the virus program and there is nothing that you can do to stop it. Some other PC users said that by shutting down the PC prevents the installation of Antivirus Center virus, but this happens very rarely.

After the Antivirus Center malware infects your system, your computer will be automatically restarted and while Windows reboots and start to load your desktop icons, Antivirus Center already installed completely and a fake scanning window will appear. When this scan is completed, you will be told that your system contains numerous infected files and after you click to remove them, the virus software will tell you that in order to delete the ‘infections’ you need to purchase the complete Antivirus Center software. This is a scamming tactic and the virus program tries to get money from you, because there isn’t a single file infected on your PC and the only infection that you should worry about is the Antivirus Center and you need to remove it as fast as possible.

The warning alerts displayed by Antivirus Center are known to be used by Ransomware type applications. Ransomware programs are those applications that install on computer and then it tells users that in order to remove infections you have to buy their software tools. This is also fake because if you buy such programs you will lose your money and getting them back is kinda impossible and now is when you realize that you have a problem in case you bought the application. If you purchased the Antivirus Center malware application, you have to contact your bank and tell them that you used your credit card to buy a virus product and that you are the victim of a scamming fraud. Also, ask for info on how to get your money back and if you receive positive feedback on this topic, it means that you are a lucky user.

Applications like Antivirus Center have infected thousands of system until now and the number rises for every day that goes by. There is an endless number of applications that are using this kind of scamming tactics and you should’ve been more careful with the applications you install on your system. However, if you found this post, then you should worry no more, because in it you will find the exact instructions on how to get rid of the Antivirus Center malware.

When Antivirus Center is enabled, your computer will display numerous fake errors and false warnings that are telling you that there is something wrong with its security software and that you should use the Antivirus Center to fix them, but as I’ve told you already there is nothing wrong with the PC, the only problem is Antivirus Center software which is a virus and you should remove it from your system. Below you can find some fake error examples displayed by the Antivirus Center virus:

  • “Antivirus Center Firewall Alert. Warning. Keylogger activity detected. Your account in social network is under attack. Click here to block unauthorized modification by removing threats (Recommended).”

  • “Antivirus Center Firewall Alert. Your computer is being attacked from a remote machine. Block Internet access to your computer to prevent system infection. Attacker IP: Attack type: RCPT exploit.”

  • “Antivirus Center. Spyware.IEMonster process is found. The virus is going to send your passwords from Internet browser (Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Outlook & others) to the third-parties. Click here for further protection of your data with Antivirus Center.”

  • “Antivirus Center Firewall Alert. Suspicious activity in your registry system space was detected. Rogue malware detected in your system. Data leaks and system damage are possible. Please use a deep scan option.”

  • “Antivirus Center Firewall Alert. Antivirus Center has prevent a program from accessing the Internet. ”iexplore.exe” is infected with Trojan. This worm has tried to use “iexplore.exe” to connect to remove host and send your credit card information.”

  • “Antivirus Center. External software tries to control variety of your system files. This may lead to breaking of some data in your system. Click here to protect remote access to your PC & delete these programs.”

Still, if you are unsure that Antivirus Center is the virus that has infected your PC, you should use the HijackThis application to scan your computer and in its scan result you should see a line that resembles the one below:

  • “O4 – HKCU..Run: [< random numbers and characters >] rundll32.exe “C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication Data< random numbers and characters >.dat”, <random characters> 04/29/11 – Initial guide creation.”

This is all that you need to know about the Antivirus Center virus and now we can concentrate on how to remove it from your system. But, before we get to the removal guide, we need to prepare your computer for the removal process, as you will have to boot it into Safe Mode with Networking.

Prepare the computer for the removal process of Antivirus Center virus
  • first thing that you should do is to print out this removal guide, because at some point you will have to close all running programs and opened windows.

  • your computer’s download functions might have been disabled in which case you will be forced to download the applications required to use, in order to remove ,the virus on another PC. After that you will have to use a USB flash drive or a CD / DVD to transfer the applications on the infected computer’s desktop.

These are the preparations that you need to make so that the virus removal process goes smoothy and without any troubles. Now you need to learn how to put the computer in Safe Mode with Networking.

  • Shut down the PC and then power it back on.

  • When the computer displays the first boot screen start tapping the F8 key.

  • Windows now will show the Advanced Boot options and you need to highlight the Safe Mode with Networking option. Press Enter and wait for Windows to load all the files required to run  the computer in Safe mode with networking. That’s it, now get to the first step of the removal guide.

Antivirus Center Virus Removal Guide

  1. Download the and place it on the infected PC desktop. Get it from here. Rkill is the program that you need to run in order to terminate all the Antivirus Center malware processes from running. This is needed so that you will be able to download and install the Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, program that we will use to get rid of all malware files.

  2. Launch Rkill and wait for it to complete all of its tasks. When Rkill manages to close all malicious processes from running, it will close automatically and you can move to the next step of the removal process. However, Antivirus Center will try to close Rkill by displaying fake alerts, that are stating that Rkill is an infection. Leave those alerts running and repeatedly start Rkill until it manages to by-pass all virus processes and Antivirus Center closes. If you notice that Rkill can’t close the virus, you should try to use iExplore.exe or eXplorer.exe, which are two RKill clone programs and one of them might do the trick and close all malicious processes. After Antivirus Center is closed, go straight to the next step without restart the PC.

  3. Download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware from here and place it on the infected PC desktop. When the download of MBAM is complete, you should close all the running programs and opened screens.

  4. Now you need to install the Malwarebytes’ program and to do it, you need to double-click on its setup installer icon. Do not change any default setting of the installation process and wait for it to complete its task. When you reach the last installation screen make sure that both options, Launch Malwarebytes’ and Update Malwarebytes’, are both checked. Now click on FINISH.

  5. Malwarebytes’ will open now and it will ask you if you wish to update it, but considering that it already performed such action, you should click OK and MBAM will get to the main screen.

  6. Now you should see the Scanner screen and select the Perform Full Scan option. Now click on SCAN and Malwarebytes’ will start searching your computer for all Antivirus Center virus files. Wait for the scanning process to be completed, but you should arm yourself with lots of patience, because it will last a lot longer than you would normally expect for a scanning process to last.

  7. When the scanning process is completed, MBAM will tell you via  a confirmation dialog. Click OK and you will be taken to MBAM’s Scanner menu once again.

  8. At the Scanner screen, click on Show Results to see the malware files found by MBAM.

  9. Select for removal all the malicious files found by the Malwarebyes’ Anti-Malware program and then hit the ‘Remove Selected’ button. Now MBAM will start removing all the Antivirus Center malware files and all the viruses found. Please note that Malwarebytes’ might ask you to reboot the PC, in which case you should allow it, as it is a required operation for the Antivirus Center removal process to go smoothly and without problems.

  10. After Malwarebytes’ has finished removing all the malware files, you will notice that a scanning log file has been opened in Notepad. Look through all that info and when you’re done reading it, close Notepad.

  11. Now close Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware.

These were all the steps that you had to take in order to successfully remove all the malicious files from your system. In order to be sure that all the virus files have been removed, you should launch MBAM once again and configure it to scan your computer, once again. If the scanning results are returned empty, it means that neither of the Antivirus Center files or other malware is present on your computer and you can go ahead and use it the way you used to before the malware infection got into it.

In case the scanning results are negative and the Antivirus Center virus is still present on your system, you should repeat all steps in the removal guide and see if this time, the removal guide worked for you. In case that the virus is still present on your system then the last option that remains for you to try, is to format the entire hard drive. But, this means that you will lose all the data stored on it and that’s why this option is considered to be a last resort. I hope that you won’t be forced to wipe out all the data stored on your computer and that the instructions listed in this post have helped you get rid of all the Antivirus Center malware files.

Now that you know what happens if your system doesn’t feature a proper anti-virus protection, you should start searching a powerful application that is capable of keeping away all types of malware programs. In case you don’t know what antimalware to download, I recommend you to download and purchase a powerfull antivirus such as Malwarebytes’ and upgrade it to its PRO edition, as it contains the exact tools that your computer needs in order to stay away from all the malware attacks. In case you have any other questions regarding the removal process or Antivirus Center virus, you should use this posts’ comment field to post all your concerns and questions. I hope that you found all info in this post helpful and that there is no other infection present on your computer.

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