How To Migrate / Port Phone Number To Google Voice


How To Migrate / Port Phone Number To Google Voice

Google Voice is a service that allows you to make voice calls over the web. The telecommunication service was launched on March 11, 2009 and has a lot of users worldwide. You can use Google Voice for free PC to PC voice and video calls worldwide between Google Voice and Video Chat browser plugin users and also you can use Google Voice for free PC to phone calls only in North America. You may know that you can make a conference, using this great service, Google Voice telecommunication service.

You must to port your phone number to a Google Voice account, and then you will also be able to make international calls with low costs. If you want to learn how to port your number to Google Voice, read the following article and you will be able to call and receive calls, very cheap.

Here are the steps for How To Migrate / Port Phone Number To Google Voice:

  1. First you must to call your carrier’s customer service and be sure that you will not receive any overage fees.

  2. Now, you must to port for free your phone number to Google Voice easily. Click on the Change / Port link below the Phones tab.

  3. You will receive some warnings and you must agree all of them.(pay to Google $20).

  4. Now, you must to wait until you will receive an email notification.

  5. Now, you must to get your new cell phone number. You will receive on the same line, a new number.

  6. You must to go to your carrier store and you must ask for another number for your phone.

Now, you will be able to use Google Voice and you will be able to make very cheap calls. Don’t forget, for any questions and suggestions don’t hesitate and share them to us in the comments area below.

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