How To Find The iPhone IMEI Serial Number Via iTunes


How To Find The iPhone IMEI Serial Number Via iTunes

When we talk about cell-phones well then you definitely need to understand that all of the existing cellphones have an IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity number.

Well the hole idea is simple this is exactly like a serial number for our phones, it can come handy in the two cases below:

  1. Remote support.

  2. Stolen phone ( in case your device got lost or even stolen ).

If you need to find out the iPhone’s IMEI well not so many people know this, but you can easily just check in the iTunes.

Do not search for any button or any hint because you will not find it, instead just go ahead and plug the phone in and easily open the iTunes.

Now you are able to just change the information shown and just search for “Phone Number” and “Serial Number” and is a pretty easy to just clicking on them after.

And additionally there will be the :

  1. SD card’s ICCID.

  2. iOS version’s build number.

  3. UDID.

This will be shown to you by just by cycle through as you click. Piece of cake !

This will do for the iPhones and for all the phones worldwide : In order to achieve that IMEI well just Dial :*#06#

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