How To Convert Web Documents Into PDF Files Using Google Docs Viewer


How To Convert Web Documents Into PDF Files Using Google Docs Viewer

As you probably know, Google Inc is an American company that administrates the Internet search engine with the same name. Google offers an easy and fast method of finding informations on the web, with a database containing informations of over eight billion web sites. But Google expanded a lot and now offers lot of services like Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Translate, Google Videos and lots more.

One of the services Google provides to ease your Internet experience, is Google Docs. This Google feature allows you to convert documents into PDF format. Google Docs supports various file formats, like Office documents, HTML pages, text documents, presentations and whole lot more.

This service is very easy to use, because all you have to do is upload the desired file into Google Docs then click on the “Download as PDF” to convert into a PDF file.

The above mentioned method is about converting a file into PDF using Google Docs. But the impediment is that before uploading the file you must have it on your computer, either by downloading it or creating it. But you can view and convert a file to PDF using it’s URL using Google Docs viewer, which eases the process.

All you have to do is open the web file that contains the file you want to convert to PDF into Google Docs Viewer. Then, by pressing Ctr+P print it as PDF file.

The main advantage of this method is that you won’t have to bother to download the file to view it. A second advantage of Google Docs Viewer is that you don’t have to install Office applications anymore.

Anyway there are also other ways of viewing online documents, like plugins for Firefox (Open It Online) and Google Chrome (Docs PDF / PowerPoint Viewer (by Google)) that perform the same task. The main difference is that Google Docs Viewer is not limited to one browser or to a certain platform. You can view the document anytime and from anywhere using the generated link.

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