How To Unlock The Metro Webcam In Windows 8


How To Unlock The Metro Webcam In Windows 8

The new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8, is rumored to be available for the public by the end of 2011, although the company didn’t make any official statement about it. Windows 8 will bring new features and a lot of improvements such as USB 3.0 and also Bluetooth 3.0, specially developed to bring additional speed, something that could not be established with 2.0 versions.

A new and great features that you will enjoy is the Face Detection, an application directly connected to your webcam so you can connect to social networks or other accounts without user and password.

Now let’s talk serious business because this time we have the Windows 8 Leaked Pre-Beta 7850 Build Milestone 1 to talk about. Let me tell you that some ninjas from MDL have just unlocked the Windows 8 Metro Webcam.

They managed to ‘crack’ it using the Registry Hack and let me tell you that the new leaked builds promises a lot. I say this because we can see a new Metro UI Webcam already built-in and at your discretion. Unfortunately, the development at this section it’s in the early stages, but it actually looks astonishing from this position too.

Ok, now let me tell you some things about the webcam features. In the leaked build we saw ‘Capture of photo without Delay’ and ‘Capture a photo with Delay ( and here we also have a 3 seconds timer ). Features such as ‘Video Capture’ and ‘Settings’ didn’t work, so we have to wait a little more.

Next we will show you a tutorial on how to unlock the Metro Webcam:

  • Start your computer and login to your system with Administrator rights.

  • Now go to Start => and type => Enter to launch the application ( Registry Editor ).

  • Please pay attention and find ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionGRE_Initialize’.

  • Now look to the right of the screen and go to new ‘DWORD ( 32-Bit Value )’ and set it as ‘RemoteFontBootCacheFlags’.

  • Now you have to enter it and enter the value ’100f’.

  • Exit the Registry Editor.

  • Now go to Start again, type ‘webcam.exe’ and hit enter. The new Windows 8 Metro Webcam should work without any kind of problems, enjoy.

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