How To Root Your HTC Incredible S Android Smartphone


How To Root Your HTC Incredible S Android Smartphone

Great news for the HTC Incredible S users, here is a solution to root your HTC Incredible S smartphone. Comparing HTC to Samsung in terms of operating system, Samsung has been able to simplify its products when it comes to Android, and it manages that by maintaining things open to the users regarding customization.

On the other hand be advised that this is not a permanent root solution and also notice that rooting will conduct to warranty expiration. Incredible S users will be able to claim back the warranty once the mobile device is unrooted, unrooting can be done with a simple device restarting.

Make sure that your mobile device is charged to a minimum of 50% all that before you proceed to rooting the HTC Incredible S, otherwise your mobile device is going to get shutdown in the middle of the Incredible S rooting process causing an incomplete rooting process. We recommend you to make a backup with all the data you have stored in your mobile device on to your PC as in an unlikely event to have your data kept safe for further use. Rooting your HTC Incredible S means that you unlock the potential of your mobile device.

How To Root Your HTC Incredible S Device:

Step 1: Turn om the USB debugging in your device by pressing the Menu > Settings > Applications > Development. There you will find an option called USB debugging, select it and then accept the warning that will pop up. Download and install the ADB in your PC. Put your device in the USB debugging and then go through the ADB setup process.

Step 2: Download the rooting package, unzip it and place it the following location patch c:adb. After that, connect your Incredible S to the computer.


Step 3: Open your command prompt and key in the CMD, then use the CD (Change directory) command so that you can access the directory you have placed the rooting file.

Step 4: Type in the “pushroot” and enter the same, this will push the pushroot.bat file.

Step 5: Type in the adb shell /data/local/tmp/getroot, and soon after type in adb shell and click enter.

Step 6: Type the above commands and then you will be prompted as # and then type in /data/local/tmp/pushroot.

Now you have successfully rooted the HTC Incredible S, so when your mobile device gets unrooted just enter the commands from the Loop down. If by some chance you get stuck leave a comment and we will help you.

If a permanent solution emerges on how to permanently root HTC Incredible S we will keep you informed with an how to article, so do not be a stranger.

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