Advantages And Disadvantages Of Android Rooting


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Android Rooting

This article holds useful information on why is necessary to root your fancy new smartphone, the benefits, disadvantages and advantages of rooting. If it is not properly done be advised that rooting may be dangerous and it may cause crashes on your mobile device.

Here is a short explanation on what rooting is.

Rooting will offer admin rights on files that originally you are unable to edit. So if you know what you are doing you can do just about anything, from changing the user interface to unlocking new potential levels. Notice that you must apply the correct changes, otherwise even the slightest mistake can turn your smartphone into a useless one.

The most important advantage is that if you are a developer you may boost your smarthphone overall performance with tools such as cyanogen, easily tether your Bluetooth or WiFi with android’s WiFi tether or you can customize your Android phone’s interface. You can enable via routing an unofficial multi touch support for G1 which allows you to unlock the bonus applications and in the same time use widgets of different build.

Install custom software into your Android smartphone once you have cracked the boot loader and placed the root access. ROM stores the device OS, this the place were any updates received by your Android device is stored. By rooting you can install apps that are Froyo build and there are some tools like ROM manager that makes your phone’s process of flashing much more easier.

Advantage Custom Themes: users can load the final droid handset with new themes packages by using several installers like meta morph or by using SDK packages and also with ABD shell.

Besides the advantages comes some disadvantages, too, with the android recovery tools like Nandroid and others, if anything goes wrong there is no way that you can recover things, and in the end it can make your smartphone unusable.

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