How To Disable / Turn Off iPhone Location Tracking Using Untrackerd


How To Disable / Turn Off iPhone Location Tracking Using Untrackerd

Before we start let me tell you something about the device itself. iPhone 4 is a touchscreen device created by Apple, and the successor to the iPhone 3GS. The smartphone was announced on June 7, 2010 in San Francisco, and was launched on June 24, 2010, in United States, France, UK, Japan and Germany.

The iPhone 4 is powered by Apple’s iOS 4 which is approximately the same one used on the previous launched iPhone models, the iPad and the iPod Touch. The device can be controlled with users fingerprints on the display.

Let me tell you that some bad rumors were surrounding Apple’s iPhone these days because some ninjas may have discovered that the device tracks location data such as latitude and longitude coordinates and timestamp, and the bad news is that every user no longer feels secure.

The interesting part is that it seems a hidden file on your smartphone has this location data that syncs to the PC or Mac when you use iTunes. So the bad news is that anyone who can access your smartphone or computer, can find this information very easily.

It seems that this secret storing has emerged with the iOS 4.0 firmware and we do not now until now why Apple had done such a thing without even redirect it to their own servers. A possible reason could be to use it for geo advertising or other new features.

If you have your smartphone jailbreaked, the great news we have for is that a new and great Cydia app is available to automatic disable the recording of location and time information. The developer is the same that launched apps such as ProSwitcher and Display Recorder.

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