How To Remove The Date In WordPress Permalink URLs Using .htaccess Re-direct Re-write Rule


How To Remove The Date In WordPress Permalink URLs Using .htaccess Re-direct Re-write Rule

I have some great information for WordPress users so please pay attention at the following tutorial. If the WordPress permalinks are set correctly, it allows users to create a great URL optimized for search engines, and of course to improve the usability and compatibility of the links. Within WordPress permalinks settings, you will find some WP presets, containing common permalinks structures.

The data-based permalinks have an established URL structure such as:

  • Day and name:

  • Month and name:

Let me tell you and please remember that the date in the URL is absolutely useless, and if you already thought how to remove the /yyyy/mm/dd or /yyyy/mm from your URL structure you should follow this simple tutorial on how to change the permalinks of WP URLs. Please keep in mind that our tutorial will also show you how to avoid the ’404 page not found’ error, so you will not loose Google’s PageRank.

After the user removes the data appearance in the URL, the new structure of WordPress should look just like this:


Ok now, the first thing you have to do is to change the permalinks configuration so you can avoid an infinite redirection loop. So you can accomplish this, just go to your WordPress Dashboard => Settings => Permalinks.

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