How To Unlock Hidden Windows 8 Features Like Ribbon UI Using Windows 8 Tweaker


How To Unlock Hidden Windows 8 Features Like Ribbon UI Using Windows 8 Tweaker

For the Windows fans, I have some good news. Few days ago, a Windows 8 build was leaked on the web. The Windows 8 build was downloaded by thousands users. On the other hand, the Windows 8 design, looks like Windows 7. You also may to know that the guys from MyDigitalLife forums, has unlocked some Windows 8 features, like: Ribbon UI ( the user interface) for Windows Explorer.

If you have Windows 8 build and if you want to learn how to unlock features, read the following article, download the Windows 8 Tweaker and you will be able to use some hidden features.

You must know that the Windows 8 Tweaker application is able to enable the following hidden Windows 8 features:

  1. The first is Ribbon UI for Windows Explorer. Ribbon UI was first seen on Office 2007, to apps such as Paint and WordPad. In Windows 8 the Ribbon interface is incorporated in the Windows Explorer.

  2. The second is PDF (Portable Document Format). Now this is standard. Finally, the guys from Microsoft want to add a native PDF reader to Windows 8. Also, you may know that the PDF feature (like the Ribbon UI) is locked in the Windows 8 build 7850.

  3. The third feature is Advanced Task Manager. This feature was improved and now is more complex. The Advanced Task Manager allows you to view all your computer usage, like: CPU, memory disk and also the network. This feature comes with a new section for the start up processes and with and application manager.

  4. The last feature that you can unlock with Windows 8 Tweaker is Webcam Application, a very interesting application.

You will be able to download Windows 8 Tweaker from here. Install the app and you will be able to unlock all the hidden features listed above. Also, for any questions and suggestions don’t hesitate and share them to us in the comments area below.

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