Mozilla Firefox 4 vs Google Chrome 11 vs Internet Explorer 9 vs Opera 11 In Browser Speeds War


Mozilla Firefox 4 vs Google Chrome 11 vs Internet Explorer 9 vs Opera 11 In Browser Speeds War

This month needs to be called the browsers month, because of the latest in browsing : the Internet Explorer and Firefox are drooping huge new versions. What about the competition you say ?

Opera and Chrome are just continuing their usual improvements and achievements.

We did the whole test package on these browsers:

  1. The startup.

  2. The tab-loading.

  3. JavaScript powers.

  4. The memory use.

In this session I will try out the sparkling new Firefox 4, the web-friendly Internet Explorer 9 and not to forget the latest of both Opera and Chrome. So let us just start on the review of this Browser Titans.

The Winner for Cold Boot Up – Opera 11

So the Internet Explorer keeps on staying the last when it comes to who’s just more fast, this is strange because some of its elements are baked into the operating system.

Remember we did not include the so-called ” warm start” results this time around.

I did notice that when it comes to preliminary results, all of its browsers just start up fast enough if they already started once.

So if by nominating a winner will require a near certain faith in timer-finger speed. But that’s a good thing.

The Tab Loading Winner – Chrome 10 (and is very stable, too)

The Chrome really won when we did give him nine tabs to load up:

It was a pretty tight competition.

The JavaScript Winner – Chrome 11

You can call him anything but TRUE when it comes to these guys results that 64 bit Internet Explorer 9 used a different, far weaker JavaScript engine that its 32 bit variant.

The results that I got as many others got to show something else : In the 32-bit version the Internet Explorer 9 was competitive with Firefox 4, and it easily beats the Opera 11.

Chrome is the best at this category.

CSS and DOM Winner – Opera 11

Opera did just pull ahead of Chrome, and the Firefox 4 well not so far behind.

Not to forget please that with the help of the 32-bit version factored in the Internet Explorer 9 did a little bit well, but it deed come in last this time too.

The Memory Use (with no Extensions) Winner – Opera 11 and Chrome Dev

The Chrome does not take its memory usage for granted, and Opera too.

The two browsers do use the least of the memory wen just starting, and this after having loaded just the same nine-tab test.

The Memory Use ( Five Extensions ) Winner – Firefox 4 and Opera 11

Let me just say that the Gmail-checking, LastPass, and Cooliris image display extensions for Opera and Chrome are much more lighter that the extensions for Firefox.

The Firefox 4 amazed us with the five extensions and the nine tabs, because the results were pretty good, which is certainly brag-worthy.

Opera 11 becomes “lighter” when you install the extensions on startup.

The Overall Scores

Here is how the browsers did on the test (JavaScript, DOM/CSS and the memory use):

  1. Opera: 76%

  2. Chrome 10 (Stable):76%

  3. Chrome 11 (Dev): 68%

  4. Firefox 4: 60%

  5. Internet Explorer 9 (64-bit): 24%

  6. Internet Explorer 9 (32-bit): 28%

The Internet Explorer is indeed a nice browser to use after the load and with great memory, too. Not to forget the Firefox 4 that feels snappier and faster.

Each browser is different and when used you can see the differences in efficiency.

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