How To Download, Install, Use, Save, And Share Custom Adobe Photoshop Actions


How To Download, Install, Use, Save, And Share Custom Adobe Photoshop Actions

The Photoshop Action, has the purpose to help and it allows the users to replay and record very complex tasks, especially if the user do not have the skills wen it comes to programming.

Not to forget that sharing, exporting or installing any action can indeed be a very confusing process.

We got here just the thing you need in order to do all of the three and the simple way, too.

If you have downloaded or you need to install some actions as well as exporting them, well here I will show how to achieve this by following some few steps.

How To Download And Use Photoshop Actions
  1. So you got your Photoshop action and you need to install it.

  2. Well just open the Photoshop and click Window > Actions in order to open Action Panel.

  3. You don’t have one to test on, not to worry here is the direct link to download.

  4. Plus the basic search on Google that will help a lot and it can provide some excellent results with the pretty little searching time.

  5. In order to open the contextual menu, after opening the Actions Panel “Windows > Actions” click on this .

  6. Search for Load Actions from that menu above and click it.

  7. In front of you is now a simple load dialog.

  8. Remember the action you downloaded where is located, find it and click the “Load” button.

  9. Usually the default folder of Photoshop is in : C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe PhotoshopPresetsActions.

  10. If you are a Dropbox user well I suggest you take a look at the Dropbox folder.

  11. By doing this you will be able to install the downloaded actions and use it on the platform of Photoshop.

  12. This process can’t be more easy or simpler, I suggest you get started on some downloading actions.

Share and Export The Custom Photoshop Actions

So you finished making your own custom action, now I guess you want learn how to start to export the action files in order to let other use it or if just all you want to do is to move actions on other PCs.

Follow this simple and fun steps:

  1. Photoshop is quite good at saving a set of actions, rather than single actions alone.

  2. In order to achieve a new set well click the “New Set” icon.

  3. Now just name the set, also I suggest you name the set like the existing actions.

  4. Easy now go ahead and drag your action in to the new set.

  5. Click the “New Set” icon pictured above to create a new set.

  6. Keep selected on the new set.

  7. Click the  find it on the top of the actions panel.

  8. In the contextual menu find the option “Save Actions”.

Well, now you can save the file in to where ever you please if is the desktop or Dropbox folder.

From here is just a walk in the park, now you are able to simply share, upload the actions files or just take them with you wherever you please.

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