How To Remove Backgrounds Using Free Adobe Photoshop Actions


How To Remove Backgrounds Using Free Adobe Photoshop Actions

If you wonder how many ways are in Photoshop to simply remove backgrounds or isolate an object, well there are plenty quite hundreds but today you are so lucky.

Here I got the most easiest way. You will be able learn some really cleaver ways to cut images.

As I mentioned before the Photoshop actions helps users especially those ho do not know to much about programming to record/create/save complex actions.

Beside the amazing thing you can do in a couple of seconds with the help of the actions you can now add the removing of backgrounds, too.

Just follow up the article and at the finish line you will be familiar with new techniques for removing those backgrounds.

Photoshop’s  ”Transparent Channels” Action
  1. Yes I did provide the Transparent Channels Download so go ahead start to download.

  2. This actions is named Transparent Channels and it will be the fist of some short list of downloads that we will have to follow ahead.

  3. If you need to see how to install any action in Photoshop, this can be applied to the “Transparent Channels” action to.

  4. Thirst thing will be to learn how to remove backgrounds from dark and even light images.

How to remove the Light Backgrounds using Transparent Channels
  1. This tool has the purpose to simply dig around those color channels and it needs just to grab the info on your picture.

  2. The perfect example of picture material will be similar to this image (recommended that it is isolated on white fields).

  3. This will work better for the images with lighter colors.

  4. Go to “Image > Mode” in order to remove the light colored backgrounds and make sure to select CMYK color.

  5. The number of actions available is two and they work for some specific color modes.

  6. The CMYK > Trans Layer can and will remove light colored info from the image plus in works on the multiple layers.

  7. Now go on the “Play selection” find it in the Actions Panel and star the action.

  8. The great part is that the shadows are cut out and picture if you would have to use the methods of paint bucket, pen tool or the eraser that would definitely be unpleasant.

  9. The shadow does blend in to transparency, not so much with the gray.

  10. So maybe you will be disappointed with some of the results of some other parts of the action, but wen it comes to shadows this way will be the best for all users.

  11. Those lighter colored images can be run in multiple times, by so you can create “transparent layers” and will increase the opacity in the translucent areas.

  12. The users can use this action in a clever way to remove line drawing from the white page.

How to remove the Dark Backgrounds using Transparent Channels
  1. In the set there are two actions, and the second one is good for removing light info from this time the dark backgrounds of an image.

  2. Not like above with the light ones this need and works only on RGB color mode not to forget.

  3. In order to make the image RGB : Image > Mode > RGB Color

  4. Do not flatten the image.

  5. The RGB > Trans Layer needs to be selected.

  6. So all you need now to do is just press the “Play selection” and the actions will take care of the rest.

Let me know if the guide has been helpful to you.

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