How To Stop Gmail To Adding People When Sending Mails


How To Stop Gmail To Adding People When Sending Mails

Although there are so many good things about Gmail, the Google client needs a little “boost” regarding some sectors of activity. Like for example when after sending an email you have probably noticed that the mail client will create and automatically add to contacts all the people who you have sent the message and aren’t in the contact list yet. Those people are added to the “Other Contacts” category, which is a good thing avoiding so a mess in the existing contacts and groups in Gmail. But what about having a possibility to not add those people because there are times when probably you won’t need them anymore.

This ability to be able to turn on and off the automatic add to Contacts is a feature that I find to be very useful and a must have feature. From now one you will be able to stop and have a better filter when it comes to choosing what persons you desire and who is not “worthy” to be integrated in your list. Here is how this is done:

  1. Enter any browser.

  2. Log-in into your Gmail account.

  3. GO to the “Settings” option located in the right top corner of the browser.

  4. Notice there is the “General” tab. Click it!

  5. Search for a place where you will find “Create contacts for auto-complete”. From there select the button where it says “I’ll add contacts myself.”

  6. Click the “Save Changes” button.

And that’s all! With this option changed the next time you will send an invitation the person to which you will do so will not be added automatically to the “Other Contacts” field. Although in most cases you hate to do things manually and automatic things are the best choice this is an exception. Happy sending mails!

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