How To Add A MySpace Music Player To Your Page


How To Add A MySpace Music Player To Your Page

If you use Myspace, the social networking web site that allows you to create a a friends network, personal profiles, blogs, groups, pictures, music and videos, you may know that you can create a 100 songs playlist to listen your preferred music. Also, you can change the music profile background. The Myspace music player is free and you can use it from your Myspace account. If you want to know how to add songs and create a playlist to your Myspace profile, read the following article.

Here are the steps for How To Add A MySpace Music Player To Your Page:

  1. First you must to log in to your Myspace account by enter your email address and your password.

  2. Now you must to select the Music tab to load the home page of Myspace music.

  3. Simply, click on the My Music tab.

  4. Now, for create a playlist, you must to click on the Create a Playlist tab.

  5. You must to enter a name for your playlist that you want to create. If you don’t want to give a name for your playlist, the Myspace playlist will set automatically, with a default name.

  6. Now, you must to search the artist or the song that you want to add to your playlist by type the name in the search box.

  7. You can able to listen the songs between to select to your playlist by simply pressing the arrow. You can preview all songs between to select them.

  8. Now, to add a song to your playlist, you must to simply drag and drop the song to your playlist(left click on the song and release the button when the song appear in your playlist).

  9. For every song that you want to add to your Myspace Music Player playlist, make the same drag and drop process.

  10. Finally you must to press the Share Playlist button to apply the created Music Player playlist to your Myspace profile page.

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