Top 10 Best Addons For Mozilla Firefox 4


Top 10 Best Addons For Mozilla Firefox 4

First off all let me tell you a little something about Mozilla Firefox. Keep in mind that it’s a free and open source browser, comes from Mozilla Application Suite, and was created by Mozilla Corporation. Starting March 2011, Firefox managed to occupy the second position ( with 30% usage share ) in the top of worlds most used browsers.

Firefox had the biggest success in Germany and Poland, where is the most used browser, holding 60% and 47% respectively. The interesting part is that Firefox is based on the Gecko layout engine to show pages. Alongside Firefox 4, a new wave of features are available for the users.

The new options and features include tabbed browsing, incremental find, spell checking, live bookmarking, private browsing and much more. Users can also add new plug-ins ( extensions ), which are created by third-party developers.

As you already know by now, Mozilla launched the new and improved Firefox 4 web browser. The great news is that Mozilla has it’s own developer community, and as expected hundreds of add-ons were submitted for approval.

Mozilla has selected the 10 most efficient and useful add-ons which you can download from their official website. Here are the top 10 add-ons for your Firefox 4 web browser:

  1. Tab Scope: This application allow users to preview the already open tabs if you hover over them.

  2. Apture Highlights: When you highlight a word or a phrase, this add-on will automatically search the web to provide information about it.

  3. Thumbnail Zoom: Pops a full size image when the user hovers over thumbnails.

  4. QuickFox Notes: When you browse the internet you can easily take notes and save them.

  5. FoxySpider: Modifies the current website you are browsing, and displays all videos, images and other kind of files in a thumbnail gallery.

  6. KwiClick: While you browse, highlight a word for maps, videos and other great features.

  7. Awesome Screenshot: Use this application to capture the entire page or only a selection you want.

  8. Drag & DropZones: You can link search engines queries to ‘drop-zones’ that will appear when the user drags text, images and links.

  9. Mouse Control: Now you can assign mouse click combinations from within a tab for faster navigation.

  10. Instantfox: Now you can search for your favorite sites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, etc by using your address bar.

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