How To Run iOS / iPhone Apps On Your PC / Mac Browser Courtesy Of Pieceable Viewer


How To Run iOS / iPhone Apps On Your PC / Mac Browser Courtesy Of Pieceable Viewer

Once Pieceable Viewer was officially launched, now you can use the embedded iOS apps directly from the respective web page.

Pieceable Viewer brings the Apple applications to your browser using a Flash platform to run. The guys at¬†Pieceable say that there’s no reason to be worried about the¬†UDID shuffle or 100 device limit, which is a preliminary version of the application that gets tested before launch. It looks like they are running some tests using a web-based version of Pieceable Viewer, so we guess you be able to find some bugs in it.

The new Pieceable Viewer makes the things a lot more easier for the Apple apps developers, as all they have to do now is provide a link for anyone using a web browser instead of amending any code within the app. Then all you (the user) have to do is submit the link to the application then Pieceable Viewer handles the rest.

But¬†Pieceable is not at the first attempt of building an application, as they already¬†launched¬†Mobile Roadie and AppMakr, which is very similar to WordPress for mobile phones, making easier for the uses that don’t know html.

They only problem is that Pieceable Viewer is not free, the developers also setting some prices for the application that helps you embed iOS apps on a webpage. The freeware version of Pieceable Viewer only gets you 1 simultaneous viewer, 1 iPhone application and a link that expires after a certain period of time. For $30, Pieceable Viewer comes with an option that allows 3 simultaneous viewers and 5 iPhone apps, and the link is not expiring anymore. The $60 version of Pieceable Viewer gets you 10 simultaneous viewers, but the iPhone apps have an unlimited number and and the links never expire.

But Pieceable Viewer that thought of bringing the mobile experience to your computer. BlueStacks app simulates Android, allowing you to run Android apps on your computer, just like they run on an Android-based device. But BlueStacks only works for computers running on a windows platform. Unlike BlueStacks, Pieceable Viewer is an app that emulates iOS apps, transforming your computer into an iPhone or iTablet. More than this, Pieceable Viewer is also working on other platforms than Windows, like Linux or Mac.

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