Get 1000 Free Trend Micro Online Guardian For Families Licenses


Get 1000 Free Trend Micro Online Guardian For Families Licenses

Trend Micro Online Guardian for Families is antivirus application created by Trend Micro. This program has been designed mostly for parents that wish to protect their children from Internet browsing risks, like cyber bullying, sexual predators and other online threats.

This application will allow parents to control all their kids’ online browsing and their actions such as chats, web page history, messages, photos, wall postings, Facebook actions and multiple others. Also, you will be able to change the filter security levels, so that they won’t be able to access websites featuring violence, gore, sex, nudity and other content that is inappropriate for children.

Trend Micro Online Guardian for Families can be used to set a limit for the online time spent by your kid on the internet. Other features included in the Trend Micro Online Guardian for Families are listed below:

  • contains monitoring tools for social networking services, instant messaging, video and photo uploading / downloading, keyword searching

  • it filters out all adult type web pages

  • it can be used to set limits for time spent online by your kids.

  • it monitors all the instant messaging applications and you will know all the contents of your children’s chats

  • it keeps away credit card serial numbers, passcodes, emails and all other privacy info from your kids.

  • it has support for overriding the general password and so the adults can access mature contents from the family PC.

  • it can be configured to set custom protection for all your kids, depending on their ages.

Because Trend Micro launches a new product, they will offer freely exactly 1000 licenses of the Trend Micro Online Guardian to all US customers. Here’s how to get your hands on one free edition:

  1. Go to the official Trend Micro giveaway contest page by clicking here.

  2. Enter all your personal details.

  3. Now click on Submit and that’s it. When the contest will be completed and in case you won a free license of the Trend Micro Online Guardian, you will be announced via email.

Trend Micro Online Guardian for families costs around $49.95 and if you win a free license then you will manage to save some fair amount of money. Good Luck!

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