How To Format A Hard Drive Using Any Windows XP, Vista, And 7 Disc


How To Format A Hard Drive Using Any Windows XP, Vista, And 7 Disc

Today you can very easy format the hard drive, using the operating system, piece of cake.

With this great technology improvement over the couple of years, we can now easily take good care of our PC’s, and if curse we will not need the assistant’s of an IT guy.

I usually like to format on the regular basis because I like to keep my PC running to its optimum performance. Formating is just the only good way to keep my PC in complete order.

The ultimate PC maintenance task is the FORMAT.

It just great because it will cut out all the hard work when it comes to fixing the errors or either maintaining.

How to get started on preparing for formatting a hard drive

In order to perform a format just the good way, then you will need certain things.

So if you think you are ready to start, here are some things you need to in order to achieve the perfect format:

  • You will need the Windows CD

  • In case you have a copy of the original one is okay to if you still have the certificate of authenticity sticker attached to your PC.

  • The sicker is also known as the COA, on it you will find your serial number.

  • My advice is that you will definitely need to make a backup, you have two options in this case one is on an external hard drive or the second that I usually use it is the online backup service.

  • In the case of making a format by using the Windows Vista or the Windows XP, you will need to make a backup disk of the system and the device drivers, too.

  • Okay so you might not have the disk that is holding your device drives, if this is the case then don’t worry because you just can search for them on the Internet.

  • Very important to know, before you start with the format is very wise to make sure you have the driver for your network adapter so later on you will be able to get connected to the Internet.

  • This will make sure you can download the drivers or the other stuff you will need after the format is done.

    How to be able to backup before you start formatting
  • Is just one of the most important step you will need to do ” the backup”.

  • For the ones who just do not know what the format dose, well is pretty easy here is a idea what happens wen you will finished the format : all of the data on the hard disk will be simply wiped out.

  • Example : Let’s say you have file and photos or even some e-mail addresses, then friends they will be gone after the format. So, I’ll be happy if you just understand what i am saying.

  • So everything will be gone from your PC and after the format there will be just a fresh new copy of Windows installation.

  • Meaning that all of your programs that you have installed and use so much, even the games will just be absolutely gone.

  • After format is done, the most of ways you will start to reinstall all of those necessary drivers and programs in order to enable and use your PC again.

  • What are the difference wen it comes to format using Windows 7, Widows XP or Widows Vista?
  • The Windows XP was released 10 years ago, in the last couple of years the guys at Microsoft also released the additional Widows Vista and now not to forget the Widows 7.

  • So the technology changes in the last couple of years ware pretty fast, however when it comes to the subject of formatting those hard drives, the basic knowledge is just the same.

  • The basic hard partition is still required in order to install a new Windows version.

  • But before you start with the whole process, you have to make sure to delete the original version of the existing Windows version.

  • Not to worry when it comes up to format, there are so many things alike when you format the hard disk with Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows XP.

  • Okay so the Windows 7 it looks much prettier, but when you start formating the hard disk you will notice that the basics are still the same there.

  • Let us say that you need to format a hard disk on the Windows Millennium or Widows 95, then friends there is a totally different story.

  • In the good old days the usual PCs had to have a floppy drives, and they were used for creation of start-up disk.

  • Things changed in our days, now with the Windows operating system CD is bootable and you do not need the floppy disk anymore.

  • The latest thing when you talk about Windows XP and the difference between the later version is that you can put the Windows now on DVD’s instead of CD’s.

  • Common factors when formatting a hard drive with any Windows operating system
  • First thing to do when formating any version of Windows, is to make sure that you inserted the operating system CD/DVD and just boot from it.

  • By doing this you will notice the message on the screen: press any key to boot from DVD or CD.

  • In case that message did not appear on your screen then it’s time to go and enter the computer BIOS to be able to change the boot settings.

  • It’s very important to know that it’s indicated to delete the older version of the current Windows and you will need to create a new partition for the new installation.

  • All the Windows versions will request the change and resize of the drive if it’s necessary.

  • Not to forget this latest version of Windows is using the NTFS file system format, not FAT32.

  • With any version of Windows you will see an option called quick format or the other one slow format.

  • The better one of the options above, will definitely be the slow format because is quite better for major errors on your PC. (low level format)

  • The basic and common problems that users have when they start formating the hard disk with Windows
  • This step is the hardest. As I’ve told you above just insert the original operating system Windows disk, and then restart the PC in order to start booting.

  • Most of the users do not understand that is very important that they will need to enter the BIOS and start changing the boot options to make the PC boot to the CD first.

  • Usually, users will think that there are some problems with the CD, when they see that it does not start.

  • And the second most common problem will be the creation of new partition.

  • Make sure you understand this particular area because is not so hard as they think.

  • If you have the disc for plenty of time, then I suggest you change it or make a new version of the bootable disk.

  • In my case I usually make a fresh copy because the original one will just not transfer the system files to my computer correctly.

  • If you are formatting ore just installing and the process stalls a number of times, then my friends your CD/DVD disk is worn out.

  • Another popular problem we saw at many user nowadays is that they accidentally interrupt the process.

  • It’s  bad for your computer if the process stops when is halfway through.

  • By stopping the process the major errors or even the black screen or blue screen errors will show up on your PC.

  • How to format the hard drive with the Windows

  • I will show you step by step below the “how” to format a hard drive in many versions of Windows.

  • Do not worry because the steps are basically similar in all of the Windows versions but with some minor differences.

  • In other words if you are an experienced user in formatting, there will be no problems formatting using Windows Vista or Windows 7.

  • So in order to follow the steps below you will need to make sure that you entered the BIOS and additionally you’ve changed the options from the boot options in order to boot to the CD/DVD.

  • You will be able to see after the restart the message: “press any key to boot from CD or DVD…”

  • Meaning that you made it in to the process and are booting into the CD to start formatting your hard drive.

  • How to format the hard drive using Windows XP
  • The first phase you will able to see, will be the blue screen. Now you will need to agree on the Windows terms and conditions.

  • After the boot finished you will see the same blue screen, now press enter after reading the condition. Pressing enter will mean that you just start the Install Windows XP.

  • Okay so now an screen showing the previous installation of Windows will appear.

  • Just select that version of Windows in order to know which partition we are going to delete. In case you did not have a previous version of Windows on your PC then you will see an un-partitioned space.

  • I just finished selecting the previous version of Windows.

  • I will press the “escape key” in order to install the fresh copy of Windows XP.

  • Now you probably see will see the “select the partition” and it will have Windows on it. Please press “D” on your keyboard to “delete” the previous version of the operating system.

  • After you will need to press the letter “L” to confirm the delete of the that partition.

  • It’s time to create a partition if so press the “C” on the keyboard. The great part is that your PC will alone estimate the size for the partition, you will just need to press “Enter”.

  • How to format using Windows Vista

    When you say Vista then the format process is pretty much the same as the precedent version, Windows XP, is the same but the quite little difference: the XP was on CD but Vista is on DVD.

    Meaning that it works on DVD drive, you need to have one and once you boot the phrase will be like this: “press any key to boot from the DVD”.

    Now you need to set your language options.

    1. In the middle of your screen, after pressing “Next” see the Install Now button click it.

    2. On the COA sticker is the “license key”.

    3. Press “accept the license agreement” on the box.

    4. Now press “Choose custom installation”

    5. Just choose the previous Windows version, and if there was a previous Windows then choose “delete the partition”. Create a new partition.

    6. Go ahead and press “drive options (advanced) if you need more options on editing.

    7. So after pressing the “drive options” there it will be the “delete” option.

    8. Remember the previous version of Windows, so just “delete it”.

    9. Delete done, go ahead and keep the partition selected, and just press “format”.

    10. Click “new” in order to create the new partition, this will be the quite difficult step.

    11. The rest is pretty much automatic.

    12. Now the “restart” will be inevitably, do not touch the PC most important do not touch DVD drive.

    13. After the restart is pretty easy, time zones and network options.

    How to format with Windows 7
    • Just to understand the process in order to get the “format” in Vista is the same as the Seven.

    • You need to access the Windows Explorer, and just choose to format.

    • It’s pretty easy to format in Windows Seven.

    • This will not work on Windows system files drives.

    • Now you know to format any hard disk any Windows version.

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