How To Download And Install CyanogenMod 7 On HTC Incredible


How To Download And Install CyanogenMod 7 On HTC Incredible

So if you install the latest CyanogenMod 7 ROM on your HTC Incredible then you will be really amazed. It was released a couple days back and is really catching up to the users of the Incredible plus is just one of the simplest and stable to when it comes to custom ROM.

The hot part of this amazing version is the similarities with the original Android Gingerbread, plus not to forget the battery power on this version, along with this update of the ROM, the battery can now save much more power, and also it will increase the life cycle of the battery.

In this article we will see how simple you can install the new CyanogenMod ROM, but first you need the help of the app which goes by the name of Astro File Manager. You will need to do a backup as because of the upgrade process the data can and will be lost the parameters affected by this upgrade will be the Contacts, Messages, the Call logs and even the Images.

Another suggestion will be that to just simply move the whole of all your data on the SD Card, by doing so you’ll avoid the risk of losing something important in the upgrade process. My personal advice, is to just go ahead and create a back-up on your PC or even on other cloud based services, it just brings the hole concept of safety.

You will need to install the ClockworkMod recovery, you will be able to follow the few steps below, first order of business it will be for you to root the HTC Incredible, the root process can be done from the unrevoked website.

It’s very important to knowledge that before you get started on the root process of the device is better for you to know that the device leads to voiding of the warranty, so you will do this at your own risk.

The process in order to achieve the Root of the HTC Incredible:

First thing you need to do, go to the unrevoked website you will need to select the device (HTC Incredible), with this done we need to focus on the operating system you use, most of the times is Windows if this is the case with your PC to then, you will have to install the HBoot drivers on it.

You will need the help of the USB cable to connect your HTC device to your PC, after connecting the two you will run the software, the process will take a wile but inevitable the process will end and the device will boot, going in to the Clock Work Mod Recovery.

Done! the recovery is done, now you have the access of the SU and not to forget the clock work mode of recovery and it will be stoked, good job.

Important to know if the HTC device is locked, when if so you can use the revoked method by so you can easily unlock the HTC device.

How I mention before : “The device leads to voiding of the warranty”, if you unroot the device then you will have warranty back.

Flashing Radio:

The first thing to do is to make sure your HTC device has the S Off, not to forget that the radio is needed if only there are new and different types of radio required. You need to make sure you flash the radio not with no corrupt files, by doing this you will avoid the prefect bricking of the device, you don’t need that trust me.

Here is the best way and most important way to flash well your radio, I got the method below friends so follow up.

First thing to do is simple, you probably have a choice of what radio you like by now, so go ahead and download the radio for your HTC device.

Second thing to do is even as easy as the first one, make very well sure that you renamed the file name of the download you just finished downloading, with this same name right here:

If not then it will most likely be not recognized.

So the steps above were followed, not you need to use the USB cable once again to connect your PC to the HTC device.

Go ahead after you connect your PC to the HTC device and open the terminal and introduce this commands exactly like this :

  • adb push /sdcard/

  • adb shell md5sum /sdcard/

  • adb reboot bootloader

So make sure the md5 path is entered correctly, if not the process will never work and not be successfully.

So the commands that you have above were introduced correctly then the HTC device will reboot, after the fast boot mode you need to press the power button by doing this the boot loader can start scanning for radio updates. Soon the patch will be found and you will need to select YES.

Now allow the boot loader to just finish the process of flashing plus the update of the radio. Go ahead and reboot normally the device.

The first method to Flash CyanogenMod in HTC Incredible this is do via Rom Manager:

Go ahead and start the Launch Rom Manager application from your device, now you need to do a update for the latest version for your Flash Clockwork Mod Recovery with is the first option.
From the Rom Manager Menu go ahead and select the option Download ROM is in the main menu list.

Second step is to select the option of Cyanogenmod, you will need to choose from the menu the latest Cyanogenmod version.

So you selected the latest Cyanogenmod version, but not so fast make sure to check the Google apps to

Because is important to mention that the Google Applications needs to be loaded, too.

The ROM is done finishing the download, and it will probably prompt the Wipe Data and Cache and the Backup Existing ROM.

Now the HTC device will start recovery that will start rooting, go ahead and wipe the data and cache, after start the install of CyanogenMod.

Well is done you just finished, the installation and this means that now the HTC device will reboot in to the Cyanogen Mod. The latest Cyanogen Mod 7 is now on your HTC Incredible device.

Use the Recovery as second method.

Start by downloading latest version of Cyanogen Mod 7 for your device, and of course the Cyanogen Mod 7 for HTC Incredible. Important that you don’t forget the Google apps.

Now the ClockworkMod Recovery mode is needed in order to do this just boot the HTC device.

So you just booted in the ClockworkMod Recovery mode, the side volume buttons allow you to move around, and the power button or even trackball in order to select.

From the SD card you will have to select and install the zip file, this can be established by selecting the Zip file from the card and after go ahead and select the Cyanogenmod

So you have not one but two methods above you can chose. Let me know if you have any problem at all enjoy.

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