How To Root The HTC Incredible S Using vRecovery


How To Root The HTC Incredible S Using vRecovery

The HTC Incredible S is one of the greatest smartphone available on the market right now. It was created by HTC Corporation and is running the Android operating system.

The Droid Incredible can be bought through Verizon only and was available for sale starting April 29, 2010. Great news for HTC Incredible S owners because we have the step-by-step solution on how to easily root your device. This is one of the hardest devices available from HTC to root, such as the Thunderbolt.

The interesting part is that if your smartphone is a S-OFF the root will work, if it’s a S-ON device, the actual rooting process will not succeed. The rooting process is accomplished by some Chinese guys. It seem that they flashed a custom Recovery and then installed the actual rooted ROM to the smartphone.

First off all you have to check the S-ON / S-OFF version:

  1. Enter Menu => Settings => Applications => Turn off Fast Boot.

  2. Shut down the smartphone.

  3. You will have to boot the phone into Hboot. To do this simply hold the Volume down key while turning the device back on.

  4. A white screen will appear and you will have to look at the first line for the S-OFF or S-ON version. So the rooting process to be a success you should see a S-OFF device.

Please follow this vRecovery installation tutorial and pay attention:

  1. Be absolutely sure that your device is a S-OFF one.

  2. Insert your SD card into your laptop and format it as FAT32.

  3. Download and save the file to the SD card, and then rename the

  4. While your device is off, insert the SD card back.

  5. Restart the device in Recovery mode once again.

  6. When the installation prompt will appear press the Power button to proceed.

  7. Once again reboot the device on the Recovery mode, where you can see the ROM has been flashed, your’re done.

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