What Does The Word Certified Mean On eBay Auction Website?


What Does The Word Certified Mean On eBay Auction Website?

Let me tell you that you will see the word ‘certified’ very often on some websites, but you will never see it on eBay. Why? Because the giant auction site qualifies the provides in only two main categories: services and solutions.

So you can earn your trust in either category, the developers need to pass a certain process required by eBay. Great news is that eBay released a 22-page act so thi this long and complex process can be understood by all. Keep in mind that by now, only 23 companies were able to get fully certified and provide service and solution experts to eBay.

The job of the certified service providers is to deal directly with the sellers and help them with certain problems and requirements such as responding to inquiries from prospective buyers, working on the site design and create templates.

While service providers are working with sellers directly, solutions providers develop the back end of the website. These companies were specially created to help and offer the auction giant with the data-base solutions.

Solutions providers have two jobs: first of all they create applications for eBay and also license data for to help customers of eBay. The requirements are the same as to become a certified service provider. If the solutions providers are relying on eBay’s market data, then they are bind to obtain a market data license from eBay.

eBay has established a 9 step process which companies must go through in order to receive certification. The company stated that the companies interested in working with them has to read the full statement and try to somehow synchronize with their needs.

In other words, the company’s employees must be experts with the site, just as eBay says. Individual applicants are tested first, passing through some exams. When eBay receives the application, a special staff reviews it. If not clear, they can ask you to perform more tests or request feedback.

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