How To Recover Your Hidden Toolbars In Windows


How To Recover Your Hidden Toolbars In Windows

Sometimes your toolbars can hide, from explorer windows, from browsers and also from programs. If you want to be able to found the hidden toolbars and to activate them read the following article.

Here are the steps for How To Recover Your Hidden Toolbars In Windows and Windows Apps:

  1. First you must to check if your toolbar is not switched off. If you search a toolbar from browsers and other software, you can find the toolbars by pressing the “View” button and then the “Toolbars” button. Here you must to see if the toolbar is on or off.

  2. If you want to activate you must to use “Customize” option and then click on the “View button and then “Toolbars”. If the old or new toolbars are hidden, here you can add.

  3. You must to press “Alt” key, if your toolbar is hidden after you have opened a browser and to see if the missing toolbars restore¬†themselves.

  4. Now you must to search in “Control Panel” > “Programs and Features” to verify if your toolbar is installed, because if is there, is available. But if you don’t find there, you must to reinstall it. But if your toolbar is installed, but you can see, the¬†registry is corrupt. Uninstall and then reinstall the toolbar.

  5. You may know that sometimes a toolbar can be present on the screen, but could be resized to small. For this you must to view the screen edges and look for hidden windows. You must to click on the “Move” option by right click on the task bar option for the toolbar.

  6. Now you must to see if the toolbar files missing, because a specific toolbar configuration file could missing.

  7. Finally you must to verify the context that the toolbar used within. Because a toolbar could appear only in a specified context.

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