How To Add Google AdSense Ads To YouTube Videos


How To Add Google AdSense Ads To YouTube Videos

I have some interesting news for you, and especially for YouTube fans. I thing you already saw by now that when you are watching a video, some of them have tiny adds on the bottom from Google AdSense.

Let me tell you that absolutely everyone that own a camera and has a Internet connection can easily create an account on YouTube and then upload videos to their desired site. The bad news is that not everyone can place adds on their videos.

So you can do this you must send a request to Google so they can accept you in the YouTube Partnership Program. One of the terms you have to accomplish to get accepted is to regularly upload original videos on YouTube and register a lot of views, of course.

  1. First thing that you have to remember is to always upload original videos to YouTube and regularly.

  2. Make sure you have fast access to your content such as videos or pictures, text, audio, etc. Do not upload videos with unauthorized content.

  3. Advertise your YouTube videos as much as possible until you manage to have thousands of views registered. You can easily use the help of social media websites like Facebook or Twitter.

  4. Be very careful and pay attention when reading the YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

  5. When you have met all requirements be sure to apply to the YouTube Partnership Program.

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