How To Uninstall / Reinstall Steam On Windows


How To Uninstall / Reinstall Steam On Windows

Steam is a digital distribution service that offers users the possibility to download, install and buy video games and media online contents for numerous major and minor software companies such as Electronic Arts, Bethesda Software, Rockstar Games, Activision, Sports Interactive, Sega and multiple others.

Steam contains and offers its users more than 1200 video games and there are at least 30 million users with active accounts. Steam has been created by the Valve Corporation and despite the fact that there are no official words on the market share of the Steam, but rumor has it that more than 70% of the digital distribution marker it is controlled by Steam in the video games area. Steam can be used in numerous languages, such as Danish, Czech, Italian, Korean, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Romanian, Dutch, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Norwegian, Hungarian, Finnish, Turkish, Simiplified and Traditional Chinese, Thai and English obviously.¬†Games with support for Steam can be bought from the Steam Store and the currencies supported are Euro, US Dollars and Pounds Sterling, depending on the country you’re currently living in.

Steam has been created by Valve Corporation and it grew in popularity when Half Life 2 was released and since then Steam is the most used media digital distribution service and it constantly grows. However, this post contains info on how you can remove Steam from your PC or how to reinstall Steam if you previously removed it and now you’ve changed your mind and you want to restore your Steam account. Below you can find the instructions on how to uninstall or reinstall Windows on your computer.

How To Uninstall Steam
  1. Close Steam.

  2. Navigate to C >ProgramFiles >Steam and then copy ‘Steamapps’ folder to another folder. You have to do this if you wish to keep your save the game installation files.

  3. Now open the ‘Start Menu’ and select Control Panel.

  4. Click on ‘Uninstall a Program’.

  5. Now choose Steam and then press ‘Change / Remove’.

  6. Now click automatic and hit the Next button. You will be asked if you wish to continue the action and then click on ‘Finish’ for the uninstallation process to be completed.

That’s it, Steam software is no longer present in your computer. Now, if you wish to reinstall it, please read the instructions listed below.

How To Reinstall Steam
  1. Follow this link and download the Steam setup installer.

  2. When the download is complete, launch the Steam setup installer and confirm that you agree with the terms in the license agreement.

  3. Now select your internet connection speed. Press Next, select the language you want to use in Steam and then press Next, once again.

  4. Now press ‘Install’ and select the default location for the Steam installation files. Press Finish.

  5. Now Steam will update its software and the installation will be completion.

  6. Close Steam.

  7. Now go to the location where you copied the ‘Steamapps’ folder and then move it to C >Program Files >Steam.

These were all the steps that you had to follow, in order to uninstall and then reinstall the Steam software on your computer. Now you can log into your Steam account and start playing the games you bought from your Steam installation.

For any questions regarding the removal of Steam or if you find difficulties while reinstalling Steam on your PC, then please use our comments field.

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