How To Edit HTML Code / Pages In WordPress Blogs


How To Edit HTML Code / Pages In WordPress Blogs

If you have a web site and if you use Word Press, you must to know how to edit a HTML. Word Press have many users, because offers a lot of features. If you want to learn how to edit HTML in Word Press read the following article.

Here are the steps for How To Edit HTML Code / Pages In WordPress Blogs:

  1. First you must to create a new post in Word Press by click on the “New Post” button from the left navigation bar.

  2. Now, in “Visual” editor, type your post text. Then, after you finished your post, you must to click on the “HTML” tab.

  3. And now you will be able to edit any HTML you want, like: pictures, videos, tags, the line spacing between paragraphs and also the font style or font.

  4. After your changes in HTML switch back to the “Visual” to see the HTML editing effect.

  5. Don’t forget that you can undo any changes, by simply click on the “HTML: editing and then by press “Ctrl+Z”.

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