How To Watch IPL Matches Live And Track Fixtures / Squads / Records / Standings On Android Devices


How To Watch IPL Matches Live And Track Fixtures / Squads / Records / Standings On Android Devices

Let’s understand that when it comes up to the apps of the Android, you need to know that all of the apps that end up having words like “PRO” are definitely not free.

This is not the case for the app that goes by the name of “Cricket Pro”, it comes free and is full equipped whit info desired by you about Cricket.

Really fast on the update, amazing responses, Cricket Pro is just the perfect app for all of you cricket lovers.

If you’ll search the web you’ll probably see that this is the latest app that was released to the Android Market.

Great news this app runs as the Widget and it can be customize as you wish to.

So all you will need to do is to relax and enjoy this cool app, the fun part is that wen you get home all you have to do is switch on the LIVE experience on television.

The features of the Cricket Pro Android App:
  • With a very simple Customized Widget Setup.

  • Not to complex and pleasant User Interface.

  • The ability to change the alerts with Sound.

  • The features on the Sync and the Calendar are great.

  • Super fast score update and the notifications are pretty fast to.

  • The live part is just amazing with scorecards detailed and not to forget the recently concluded matches.

  • Ready for this one ? The notifications of the events the ends of the match plus the 50?s and 100?s they start on innings.

  • You can share to ! Via SMS or all Social mediums, so go ahead and share to your friends.

So you are wondering how to get your hands on the Cricket Pro Application?

There are two ways you can download the Cricket Pro Application, one involves searching and is not the best one, here is the easy way to download it the Android Market Place.

So you started to download the app, next you can select the app from the home screen, if you’re curious about the tips just go and tap on the “Dismiss”.

You need to control all those notification settings, okay just click on the Menu key on the phone, an “Notification Settings” will popup.

Now you have full control on the settings example like Notification Status, Live Matches, Alert type etc.

So after the configuration, you want to share your scores and some details, go on the Menu and click on it then select the Share App, this operations will be very fast.

You did it now you can just lean back and enjoy the latest on Cricketing mania.

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