How To And Why You Should Delete All Facebook Applications


How To And Why You Should Delete All Facebook Applications

The beloved founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, at Facebook f8 conference made the announcement, that hes company was removing restrictions on user data retention within Facebook applications.

In the early days, there was a company policy that disabled the developers to cache and store any data for more than 24 hours.

On Wednesday in San Francisco Design Center, Zuckerberg spoke to the audience of Facebook developers that were crowded there.

But how about Facebook, or the users ? Should they cheer to ?

This change will be just for the Developers, and there will be no effect on the End Users ?

This news is just the prefect news for the developers, the possibility to remove this technical limitation is just great for the guys at development.

The apps will always need to connect to Facebook servers so, then they will be able to refresh the data.

When the first launch starts, then because of the apps the application will be affected, the factor is the several pinging process of the apps.

Sure, the Apps at Facebook have your Data.

In the brand new policy, it shows a pretty fact that the average users I’m sure that didn’t know at all : the Facebook apps will and access your personal data.

This is not the first time and the first, campaign surrounding the privacy issues on the Facebook. Do not forget the guys at ACLU and their previous campaign.

User where just shocked to go and find that the applications were like quizzes and perfectly accessible to almost everything on a user profile and the factor being the use of the app ACLU’s Facebook Quiz.

When your friends do the quiz then the worst thing happens : the profile info becomes accessible to the developers.

The Policy Change brings more trouble than it appears.

The brand new data retention policy, just will not change the how developers will use the data that they store.

Some developers will simply do anything at all, many just ignored Facebook’s rules about data retention.

This changes, however don’t affect the developers neither the apps.

The risk of an application’s database, that just is filled with literally millions of users’ personal details : (with just 400 million users) not to forget the most popular one of them all is Farmville that shares a incredible of 81 million users. Imagine the trouble that can happen, if such a precious database was attacked and the payload for hackers.

The behavioral targeting of visitors tracking, are way up since the developers can now assure and maintain the full archives of the profile data information, this was declared by Tyson.

Thanks to the guys at VentureBeat blog, we know now for a fact that, is pretty impossible for Facebook to see and know how the developers will use the data that is there to collect.

In other terms this means that if the developer, would like to use the data in very bad ways ore if he will break any company’s terms of agreement, then Facebook will never know it happened.

If you did not know yet, there are 500.000 supported applications, how can i put it, Facebook just can’t provide the resource for grading the apps.

You just need to remove the Facebook apps and here is the how to:

So you just need to do something simple and easy in order to minimize the risk, well the first step is to start deleting those useless apps that you don’t need.

Rest assured the process is very simple to do.

  • So sign in to the Facebook Page and just follow these few steps.

  • At the right top of your screen you will find the “Account” button.

  • Now you need to find the “Application Settings” button and click on it.

  • Go ahead and change the “Show” drop-down box and click the “Authorized” button.

  • Whit this process you can now show all the apps, even the ones that you’ve given permission, too.

  • The results are in the list now go to the “X” button, it will be next each app click on it in order to delete them.

  • The last step in order to delete the apps, after clicking the “X” button a pop-up box will appear, go on the “Remove” and then click the “Okay” button, the next box confirming the app was deleted.

So just repeat the process in order to lose and remove those apps you no longer use.

The sad part is that by doing this few step will not eliminate the risk, nothing can do that, but if you care about reducing it then the steps you just deed will help.

The facts are easy : you own a Facebook account, then you’l never have the privacy on your data.

So you’re a privacy freak, and you just want the privacy you deserve, then you find the account delete button.

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