How To Print A .PDF File From Windows Computers


How To Print A .PDF File From Windows Computers

If you have Windows, you may know that any Windows app can print a PDF document by a virtual PDF printer. You can search and download this printer from Web. After you have download and install it, you will be able to print any PDF document.

Here are the steps for How To Print A .PDF File From Windows Computers:

  1. First you must to download and install Bullzip PDF Printer (

  2. Then you must to launch a Windows application, like Notepad.

  3. Now, write something in Notepad.

  4. You must to click on the “Print” button (“File” menu > “Print”). After that you will see a print window.

  5. Now click to select the Bullzip PDF printer. Will appear a window: “Bullzip PDF Printer – Create File”.

  6. In the “File name” box you must to enter the┬áname of the PDF file destination.

  7. If you want to see the PDF document before printing it, you must to check the “Open the document after creation” box.

  8. If you want to appear the PDF file destination folder, check the “Open destination folder after creation” box.

  9. And finally you must to click on the “Save’ button.

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