How To Turn Off / Disable Microsoft Word 2007 Automatic Updates


How To Turn Off / Disable Microsoft Word 2007 Automatic Updates

Microsoft Word 2007 is an application that helps you create print-formatted documents like letters, resumes, calendars, envelopes. Microsoft Word 2007 comes in the Office 2007 pack, developed by the world’ largest software developer. Anyway, lots of the Word 2007 users have complained about the automatic update feature. In fact there’s nothing wrong with this feature, only it also updates the contents of the links or form fields you insert into your Word document. But the Microsoft 2007 automatic update can be turned off so you won’t experience the updated links issue anymore. So, if you want this option out of Word 2007 this post is what you were searching for.

  1. Let’s see how to turn off automatic updates in Microsoft Word 2007. It’s an easy process and it requires only a few clicks:

  2. Open Microsoft Word 2007

  3. Then click on the “Office” button (it’s located in the top-left corner of the Microsoft Word 2007 window). Then go to the “Word Options” button (in the bottom-right corner of the just-opened window) and click it

  4. In the left of the new window you should be able to spot the “Advanced” tab. Open it by clicking it

  5. In the options list of the “Advanced” tap search and locate the “General” heading

  6. Click the ”Update automatic links at open” box to uncheck it. This will disable the Automatic Updates in Microsoft Word 2007

  7. Click the “OK” button to submit the changes

Congratulations you just turned off automatic updates in Word 2007. It’s that easy! From now on you won’t experience the updated links in Microsoft Word 2007. Enjoy!

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